These are the top skill sets for a successful blockchain team

As undergraduates emerge from schools with software development or business skills, companies exploring blockchain use are seeking job candidates with four specific skill sets, according to a new report from consultancy KPMG.

Those skills are needed more with each passing month; KPMG expects an increase in the number of companies exploring blockchain this year for everything from identifying new business models to piloting projects and ultimately, progressing to scalable solutions.

KPMG said, not surprisingly, that it’s seeking graduates with a solid grasp of blockchain at a high level – those who understand distributed ledgers, peer-to-peer topologies and consensus mechanisms; all are key for a technologist hoping to land a high-paying blockchain developer job.

But even more critical is an understanding of the business landscape and how to apply the still-emerging technology to a specific problem.

The nexus of tech and business acumen

“The key thing we do at KPMG is balance an understanding of how this technology works without being a blockchain hammer looking for a nail,” said Tegan Keele, KPMG’s U.S. blockchain program lead. “You have to know how to apply it and that really only comes if you have an understanding of business processes.”

Secondly, members of a blockchain team should understand the difference between a variety of technologies, including the cloud, protocols, ERPs and networks, and know  when to use different mechanisms and platforms.

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