Earn Money from Data? Christian from OPIRIA Interview

Welcome to this sponsored interview with Christian from Opiria! The idea is that users can earn money from their data! We’re discussing their project, team idea, challenges and technical solution. Write in the comments what you think about this project!


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. This is just my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.


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  1. Bernard Macarius
    Bernard Macarius says:

    Interesting project however I believe the avenue to pursue will be privacy period. Speaking for myself, I am not interested in sharing anything with any entity except those I intent information to be shared with. As far as marketing, I believe those companies that are purchasing any "stolen data" will be named and their reputations will be seriously harmed. Consumers have enough savvy in searching for products and services that any argument that such data mining is of value to the consumer is nonsense. I wish this gentleman luck in his project.

  2. Mark K
    Mark K says:

    totally agree, out of the several blockchain products looking to reward users for their data, including experty, po.et etc, KNW Token so far has the best method of measuring and rating users knowledge / data – on a wide spectrum of topics. Innovation has always been the key to successful startups and in this case with KNW, very promising future for blockchain tech .

  3. Moses Lee
    Moses Lee says:

    "pretty sure we're a utility token"

    And yet according to the whitepaper, the only reason to hold the token is to be able to be further in front of the queue to get your data bought by companies.

    Plus in conjunction with the sentence "Opiria-Platform enables consumers to create a passive income stream by monetizing their personal data". Means you want to hold more of their tokens so that you get more passive income more regularly. All the flags for SEC to call this a security and not a utility token..

  4. L M
    L M says:

    Yea not too impressed with this. Thought KNW Token is a much better application of rewarding users for their knowledge; data…

  5. RGH Nutrition
    RGH Nutrition says:

    Great video Ivan, you asked alot of questions that needed to be answered by anyone looking at investing in a ICO .. on a side note.. I'd like to see some actual data proving what he said correct about the Facebook camera privacy issues.


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