Crypto update on CanYa coin- Your time to get in? AltCoinBuzz Breaking News

It has been a while since AltCoinBuzz has looked at the fundamental and trading picture of CanYa. Since the Co-Founder Chris released breaking news on the AltCoinBuzz Podcast today, we thought that a quick review of the details is just what you needed. Hope you learn a few ways to analyze all your cryptos along the way. I have previously stated that I hold a position in CanYa that I bought in January 2018.


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31 replies
  1. Ahmed Asaad
    Ahmed Asaad says:

    For all the people going on about shilling blah blah. For gods sake spend the 2 minutes to actually check out the podcast vid referenced at the beginning regarding the MAJOR announcement. CanYa has now partnered up with JD – a Chinese e-commerce (E-bay of China) $20bil sales in one day last year, 250 mil users. CanYa has now the full backing of JD customer base and acceleration of the CanYa platform. Let that sink in for a bit… Not sure how that's shilling. This partnership is as real as it gets. These guys have a WORKING product and REAL LIFE usage. Take the time to research a couple of minutes before going on about people shilling coins. Jeez.

  2. Digiclear 333
    Digiclear 333 says:

    NCASH.. Harvard CEO.. yesterday was the first day it dropped on BINANCE. Tim Draper, a very wealthy venture capitalist funded this project. Someone please make a video on this hidden gem!

  3. pd craft
    pd craft says:

    Holly shit quit cutting in on the intro jingle …Jeff and Steve do it the right way the Matt and ShayLynn make this channel look like YouTube noobs…Then we hear Jeff complaining about trolls?? 👂 Listen 👂

  4. Ruin Z
    Ruin Z says:

    bro this video is useless for what the title say………… this practically was a tutorial on the software you use…………. what a waste of time

  5. CrypToro
    CrypToro says:

    Look at all these noobs talking about shilling and unsubbing.
    You won't be missed. This is an opinion, just like every other video Jeff does. Opinions, nothing more.
    If a veteran talks about it it's so you guys check it out and make decisions, not so you go and buy it.
    Grow up, kids.

  6. scott whitaker
    scott whitaker says:

    Seems like altcoinbuzz has moved to shilling coins, they must have reached critical numbers to get paid to pump these shit coins. Bum ski, they used to give real info.

  7. dragon oncrypto
    dragon oncrypto says:

    Sorry but I'm so fed up with this coin, over-hyped ICO with a stingy airdrop of two tokens each "for the supportive community" worth not even a dollar. I didn't like the "deal" with either, I still can't get verified over there for withdrawing the additional dollar reward despite meeting the requirements. Pretty sure it's a front for since it all started with the CanYa airdrop. Would of made more money by writing a shit article for deeponion and getting half an onion for it as a compensation reward for trying. CanYa is a joke, don't invest, don't waste your time supporting this token anymore either.

  8. Archangel0376
    Archangel0376 says:

    Why suggest a new coin in a bearish market? A good trader knows that its better to invest in the top 50 coins during bearish trends bec they hold their value better than new and low market cap coins. Where’s Jeff? Kudos! ✌️

  9. Foomanlol
    Foomanlol says:

    60% of icos in 2017 are already dead. Bad idea to shill ICOs especially in a bear market you will end up with angry bag holders. We want updates and news on the market and already known projects. This is scam.

  10. Jese Condo
    Jese Condo says:


    Good video, I bought in around 1.15 but plan on buying more since it’s nearly half what I purchased it for. Also, I think this is more of a long time HODL, day 2-5 years. Good video, well thought out and you weren’t fumbling over your words like Jeff. Lol …….. But I’m no financial advisor. 😂 JK great work guys, keep it up!

  11. MarkC538
    MarkC538 says:

    You should really check out GatCoin (GAT) and AdBank (ADB) on KuCoin. Two really low market cap coins that under 12m and has a really low circulating supply as well (378m, 500m). They’re both only $0.02 at the moment.


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