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Bithumb Slapped with Bill From Regulators

[단독] 국세청, 국내 최대 가상화폐 거래소 빗썸 세금 추징

CFTC Demands Data from Exchanges Related to Bitcoin Price Manipulation Investigation

CFTC Demands Trading Data From Bitcoin Exchanges In Price Manipulation Probe

CFTC Commissioner: Cryptocurrency Will Proliferate to Every Economy in Every Country

Positive CFTC comments:

South Korea May Lift ICO Ban

Warren’s Fan: Hotmail Founder Claims Cryptocurrencies Are Fraud

Hotmail founder: cryptocurrencies are fraudulent

Bill Gates Speaks about Bitcoin (BTC) with Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger

Big Shots Hail Cryptocurrency, Saying It Is Here To Stay



Lazard CEO Says Crypto Shows Reserve Status Isn’t Assured for the U.S. Dollar

‘Cryptocurrency is here to stay’ says PayTabs founder
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21 replies
  1. michael bonacci
    michael bonacci says:

    Great points! Hopefully blockchain technology behind the cryptocurrency can help pre existing companies like IBM and muirfield investment partners can thrive to be in co existence with new crypto platforms,and ICO's such as stellar, ethereum, fr8network, cargocoin, and propy.

  2. Blueskys77
    Blueskys77 says:

    This btc sell-off happened literally seconds after the successful launch of eos, coincidence? I believe these orchestrated btc crashes are timed perfectly to disrupt up-and-coming projects that threaten the future success and dominance of bitcoin. I watched the eos launch live and had another screen open watching bitcoin plummet during the launch. The btc whales are protecting their gold! My question is, after the big sell offs are the whales buying back in!? Or just depleting their stockpile of btc. Surely these massive sell-off's will eventually slow down when they no longer hold massive reserves?

  3. ALLCHECKOUT Product Videos, Reviews, Infos, Tests
    ALLCHECKOUT Product Videos, Reviews, Infos, Tests says:

    Ppl like Sabeer Bathia, Buffet, Munger and so, who do not have the lightest idea, what crypto is, should stfu and stop manipulating the market. He's just telling what others are telling. I've read about 100 whitepapers and at lest 80 of them are good and have a chance in the market and are solving real world problems and are far from SCAM.


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