Cardano Crushes It, Ripple Stays Steady at #2 and Bitcoin's Dominance Slips

Cardano (ADA) kept my portfolio above water today with a strong 24 hour gain, while Ripple held steady above Ethereum in the #2 spot. Bitcoin on the other hand is facing it’s worst “Dominance Ratio” since the Ethereum flippening days of June 2017. Let’s talk about the daily market movements and what it might mean for the future.

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  1. Kaif Dosani
    Kaif Dosani says:

    Hey man, How can I safely store Alts such as Ada, iota, verge, tron? Do I have to make a paper wallet for each? Or is there something like exodus and ledger that can store them all at the same place?

  2. rob andone
    rob andone says:

    Ripple is the only profitable cryptocurrency company with a real, scalable, and usable platform for it user base (financial institutions). It was well worth the .25 purchase price before it's run up. It will top out at $5.

  3. Wizard Of Do It Land
    Wizard Of Do It Land says:

    i totally agree with you about your general assessment of ripple – i always saw it as a transaction lucidity tool like a ATM charge – i dont like it if it gets too big because it sucks away the decentralization effect

  4. Monster Vodka
    Monster Vodka says:

    I'd be more happy if I bought Cardano lower. I guess this is what happens when you just want in. However, I agree it's early and a long term for me. My problem with RIpple is that banks MUST use it or it's worthless. At what point would the banks say "since we can't control it, we won't use it."

  5. Samuel Soete
    Samuel Soete says:

    When you think something is under or overvalued? What do you look at? because ripple is entering the largest market of any of the currencies. This for me means it is undervalued, regardless of how the current valuation "seems"…

  6. Schmonkee Shomky
    Schmonkee Shomky says:

    People aren’t buying a dip, they’re buying a bear.

    When the ceo of ripple comes on tv and says it’s way overvalued and can’t justify its price, you know it’s time to sell

    What you said about taxes is true in my case. I’m not pulling anything now because I already have my numbers ready – what I bought in coinbase / what I’ve sold / what were profits. Now I don’t want to move anything until January 1st.

  7. Sir Swaggerson
    Sir Swaggerson says:

    Hey Rob,

    Been following the channel for a while now. Your channel is brilliant, great info and well explained. Love the portfollio updates and the honesty.

    Best of luck for the future bud, keep crushing it!

  8. James Amous
    James Amous says:

    Cryptobobby, i have been hearing a ton of info about hashgraph and how it is much more efficient than blockchain… But at the same time hashgraph will be centralized and patented and it is speculated the bankers will once again take control of the monetary system through hashgraph… Hopefully you do a video hasgraph, i feel you are an honest voice and the blockchain community respects and holds your opinion highly!

  9. Rens
    Rens says:

    Bobby, do you use the daedalus wallet for ADA? i am currently installing it but it takes reaaally long to sync the blocks. And where do you buy your cardano? I have done some research and i am really excited about it 🙂

  10. Riyad
    Riyad says:

    Hold Ripple…..soon reaching 5 dollars…… Lots people hate Ripple because it is centralized coin…. Does bitcoin is decentralized 5 miner controlling bitcoin… Every day new fork is going on…. YouTube misleading people….


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