🚨CRYPTO PUMP ANALYSIS (ETH, BNB, LTC, XRP) 🚀 Programmer Explains

Straight out from NYC! Discussing ETH, BNB, LTC, and XRP. We also discuss mining at the end of this video! Back to normal uploads on Monday!


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  1. Major REX
    Major REX says:

    LOL for the Crypto miner, his a bullshiter, i'm a miner so please stop the BS. An NO its not profitable to mine unless ur very very pro and active and even then its better to buy i would say if ur that smart.

  2. user77836
    user77836 says:

    Ivan You have not recognized the big picture XRP is aiming for. That makes me very disappointed that you are not ready to deal with one thing properly. Please prove that a bank has received XRP for free.

  3. Seppe Tank
    Seppe Tank says:

    I've never heard so much bullshit come out someones mouth when it comes to why certain coins are pumping well at the moment. Just stick to your programming.

  4. Seth
    Seth says:

    Banks will use XRP Worldwide as a bridge asset for many reasons here's a few , XRP is optimised for the Ripple network , XRP will provide reliable liquidity , XRP is Sharia compliant , No need for Banks to hold different currencies , Many Countries dislike each other , Different banking institutions don't trust or won't deal at all , with different banks , a standardised bridge asset brings Worldwide equality , XRP has a set supply released from escrow once a month , XRP cannot be increased despite what some have said , it's not in the code , XRP burn rate on usuage make it Deflationary , XRP is more Decentralised than Bitcoin , Ripple control a minority of nodes , Useage of XRP is optimised to settle in seconds for cents , XRP is for we the people , not just a bank token as the numerous different fud is spread , Ripple is not owned by the banks , the Banks own the Swift system and JP coin so there a competitor , so much more if people research . Here's a question for you Bitcoin Maximalists , go to Amazon and search for Wave and Ripple book by Satoshi Nakamoto renowned creator of Bitcoin , releases on 20th May and reply back if you still believe XRP is a sh.t coin , do you think Bitcoin is a sh.t coin hmm ???

  5. Christo
    Christo says:

    fees are getting really high again.. we either need tons of LN adoption or we need to scale btcs main chain asap.. its gonna kill this bull market again

  6. Karl Hensel
    Karl Hensel says:

    All distribution panels should be labelled. Oh my goodness. These must be old homes and or apartments. It is law at least in Florida. It is a good thing to do anyways. 2 person job. Each carry their phone. Can be done in minutes.


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