Cryptocurrency On Hold With G20 Until July As Altcoins and Bitcoin Rise

The G20 has announced it plans to collect more data on cryptocurrency before global governments roll out a universal regulatory legislation for the market place that has seen Bitcoin, Altcoins and ICO’s make quite a ruckus in 2017. What will be the plan moving forward for 2018?


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  2. Daniel Johansson
    Daniel Johansson says:

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  3. codemiesterbeats
    codemiesterbeats says:

    I personally see the whole "mainstream wont accept without regulation" mindset BUT personally that is just gonna confuse and discombobulate the actual mission statement of crypto's in general… If crypto intends to change the world in any real "noble" way then it will have to stick to the decentralization and the open source type program. With crypto worrying about regulations its just kinda a speed bump.
    IF crypto becomes a centralized/over regulated piece of crap it will basically be the worst thing to happen to economics since the beginning of time. Since they will have knowledge of where every single speck of money goes it could quite possibly be the most oppressive instrument ever devised.
    In the USA we gotta pay taxes on any USD gains that are noticed when selling the crypto… which is okay on the surface BUT they
    are already taxing miners (who may or may not be holding and not spending their crypto) on every coin mined. You can bet your
    sweet booty that the USA will tax holdings in crypto within the next couple years at max. They already claim that some people
    might owe back taxes… lmfao BACK TAXES on something that is essentially imaginary… (taxing gains in USD is ok that is their business is taxing money made in USD… but they are taxing stuff purchased in crypto as well… which is utter bullshit)
    The real question is not so much what type of regulation but instead how will the regulations be enforced? Is it possible? If it is possible then its crypto 0 points and NWO for the win.

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  5. BLACK05GO1
    BLACK05GO1 says:

    Did you read this from the E.U?. -"Notably, Olivares pointed out that the European Union will not wait for a global agreement on cryptocurrencies. The minister revealed that the new digital economy should play its role in the “financing of public goods, the welfare system, and collective needs,” and not just leave it to the “so-called old economy." That would be great for crypto.

  6. Burzumel
    Burzumel says:

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  8. Zach Dowlan
    Zach Dowlan says:

    Yea man trickle down economics is a lie. It never has worked and will never work. Circular flow economy is where it's at. One person's spend is another person's earn. Spin the wheels in the right direction.

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