Buy WeTrust Before Moon Shot in 2018?

I was looking around for an undervalued cryptocurrency with a lot of upside and this is how I discovered WeTrust to be undervalued with a lot of room to grow.


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  1. cujo
    cujo says:

    good quality videos love the content
    donanation welcome
    ltc: LVAVUg9JzNo6cgdX7HkiMzLiD98G75EBrQ ,ETH 0xbe2a374682a5a5d367f73cdb7a5bb4778714af46

    WOPPER says:

    hello are you there? with the upcoming news and overall bullish nature of the scene now. with the beta and full release coming soon you think this will go up even more because thats what it seems like at the moment.

  3. Dwizer3223
    Dwizer3223 says:

    Tech analysis is indicating WeTrust is displaying a double bottom pattern right now, suggesting this coin is due to MOON in short order. Getting excited! :-p

  4. omeria omeria
    omeria omeria says:

    I have invested in wetrust and i am following it since a long time ago. If you make deeper researches you will see that Vitalik is actually not an advisor and that wetrust has never been able to proove it.Anyhow, undervalued, yes i agree


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