Bitcoin has NO Purpose? Bitcoin Cash

Steve Eisman who became famous after Big Short comments that Bitcoin has no purpose, Bitcoin Cash has upgraded, Coinbase offers tools for institutional investors.

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Ivan on Tech is all about cryptocurrencies and the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA. We also cover Bitcoin price, altcoin price, investing, analytics, different altcoins.

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


47 replies
  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    people complain about btc fees. I think those people have never actually used it. When I recently transferred $500 worth of btc from my exchange to my cold wallet the network fee was 6 cents worth of bitcoin. If this is too much for you I don't want to hear about it 🙂

  2. Anthony Bertolino
    Anthony Bertolino says:

    Ivan, what is your opinion on running a full node vs light wallet? We see the BTC fans supporting running a full node but at this point, it means you are not able to have sign the transaction with a hardware wallet / secure wallet. To me, that seems more dangerous (exposing keys to air, as an unexperienced user) than using a light wallet. I hope to hear back.

  3. RSky Car
    RSky Car says:

    Hi, Ivan!
    As the 3D artist I have a couple questions:
    Could you tell me, can I add images(pictures) in blockchain to make it unique for copyright purpose? If yes, do I need convert images(pictures)to some special format to integrate it to blockchain? What about video and animation fragments, for example, is it possible to store it in blockchain as well or size of a block doesn't allow to do that at the moment? So, basically what I'm interested right now, how to store value and make the digital art (3D object or painting) unique using blockchain technology and what platform(Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) more fit of this purpose?
    It would be great if you help me clarify this particular area of blockchain tech or just point to the direction where I can learn about it.

  4. kokying ZHAO
    kokying ZHAO says:

    Thanks for the episode. As long as I see , the developers in the bitcoin cash community is full of inspiration and hard work. Many dapps releasing lately. I like them.

  5. Mario T
    Mario T says:

    If bitcoin was around 10 years ago I’d probably still be living in the country I was born in, my mother had a saving account with 3 million dollars (1.75 = 1US dollar) the dollar devalued due to inflation and it was $200 = 1 US dollar and all she had left was now equivalent to $15 000

  6. Ben Pressentin
    Ben Pressentin says:

    Ivan, I heard about agent centric, proof of service and DHT from holochain not long ago. Can you give the community an insight about it? Im interessted to hear your opinion on it

  7. ruff2play
    ruff2play says:

    So why does Steve Eisman say that Bitcoin has no purpose? He admits he doesn't understand it and has no interest in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. Is this an example of FUD?

  8. Alejandro Galaviz Salazar
    Alejandro Galaviz Salazar says:

    Hi Ivan!

    First of all I would like to thank you for making this blockchain videos, I've really learned a lot from you and am currently considering enrolling in your course.
    With that being said, I would like to know your opinion about NEM and EOS and what they really are. I've been reading for sometime about blockchain and today is the first time I hear about them while watching one of your videos ("Worth Learning Blockchain Coding? Programmer explains?").

    Hope you get this messsage; Keep up the good work!!

  9. Jaromir Tesar
    Jaromir Tesar says:

    I read an article claiming that Bitmain secretely mined Monere maybe one year before selling the ASIC chips. They could have over 51% hashrate. Bitmain probably does it also with other coins. Maybe also with "ASIC resistend" one. What to you think about this kind of mining centralization?

  10. Alex Lototzky
    Alex Lototzky says:

    Bitcoin is the original bitcoin. BCH is a fork of bitcoin just like so many others. The only thing that has given it infamy is that it has audaciously tried to steal the bitcoin name. Shame on them (they know who they are).
    As far as the BCH fork, well all power to them. This is what libertarians believe, that as long as they do no concious damage to others, everyone should have the right to do whatever they like. The market will eventually decide what the future of bitcoin and bcash is.

    I feel that most camps of loyalty simply depend on the rate of price appreciation, and nothing really about the underlying tech beyond what influence it has on the price.

    Our grandchildren will hound us to tell them about what it was like when cryptos started. They will not understand a world that did not have them. Just like the internet.

  11. Zachary
    Zachary says:

    Hey Ivan, the entire Bcash segment was too long. Nobody should give that much exposure to a coin that's based on lies, cheats, and scams… oh and criminals.

  12. Ralph Raymond
    Ralph Raymond says:

    Well done Ivan-I like your explanation in 4 points. Your points give cryptocurrencies enormous value ; decentralised ownership is the way forward, even in Western Countries.


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