Interesting ICO's To Keep an Eye on 2018

Here is a look at some interesting ICO’s that I have uncovered to show you guys. I personally found them all to be interesting. The projects of Canya, Safe Haven, Tokia, Asteroid, Swissborg, Finom.


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  1. Mirage Merchant
    Mirage Merchant says:

    After I suffered from a big loss with other platforms through mining then I didn’t give up until I met with Mr Michael Anthony Arron who showed a legit platform where i participated and i am earning large from it. For more info contact Mr Matt through bitcoindigger86@gmail .com I am forever grateful to him . You can also text 470 231 5053

  2. Jacob Broughton
    Jacob Broughton says:

    Hey Jeff! Very interesting video, would looooove another ICO review. I would highly recommend checking out projects like Fr8 Network or Muirfield IP, really great looking projects.

  3. Жизнь после смерти существует!
    Жизнь после смерти существует! says:

    수있는 기회를 놓치지 마세요!!! 이 암호 화폐 것입니다 당신이 백만장자의 끝에 2018 년!!!!!

    암호 화폐 교환 ICO Cryptaldach,CRD 토큰을 발급합니다. 이미 수집보다 더$7,300,000 분석에 따르면,교환이를 입력 top10 여 2018 년 말합니다. ((금융 BNB 토큰으로 증가 7500 에서 10 개월 동안%)

    환 작업을 시작 월 19 일,현재 가격의 교환 토큰 SLE0.025$니다.후 열기 시작합의 최소 0.10$니다. 등록은 매우 빠르고,당신이 구입하실 수 있습 BTC,ETH,XRP,LTC,BCH 니다. Dash,Montero


    구매하는 것을 더 이상 5-10minutes.의 개봉 후 교환 19JUNE,CRD 자동으로 토큰 ICO 사이트 적립됩니다의 균형을 교환합니다.

    ICO 교환 Cryptaldash

  4. 92Lisac
    92Lisac says:

    Personally I like ones like Contract Vault – really solid tech, awesome Swiss-based team and a real mission…I had great experiance with the….They are supported by the German rapstar and crypto-enthusiast Kool Savas! making smart contracts available to EVERYONE! Check out the potential of this one!

  5. Artjom Burohh
    Artjom Burohh says:

    I've just invested in TokenGo, one of this years most promising ICO's! TokenGo is a multifunctional block-platform with a huge set of functions. In one sentence, everything can not be described! In other words, TokenGo is a resource that allows one people to earn money by selling their goods and services, to other people – to buy these same goods. An excellent project!

  6. Dj Lakhany
    Dj Lakhany says:

    There are many that I will say deserve to be kept eyes on, but nothing beats Lift Token. It is absolutely monster of the project and promises to create revolutionary space in the Crypto world. It is the next generation driving platform, which connects drivers to passengers via smartphone app.

    You can register through it if you are a driver or can use it as a passenger to get yourself the ideal ride to your destination in the most comfortable way you could ever imagine through Cryptocurrency payment. The presale Lift Token is active now with 35% bonus, so pretty irresistible opportunity.


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