Ripple Continues Rocketing, Investors Take on Crypto, My Updated Portfolio

Ripple has absolutely crushed the month of December, up over 800% against Bitcoin and 700% against the USD. Why didn’t I make the move into it? I talk about why I’ve missed some really solid opportunities and how I’m looking to fix that in the future.

Also, let’s go over my updated portfolio with two new entrants, Bread (BRD) and ZRX (0x), and one exit, Ethereum Classic (ETC).

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  1. Garik Vei
    Garik Vei says:

    Recently the blockchain found a site under the name TokenGo. The command of developers works on unique and relevant projects with the interesting concept. Also at them very attractive bounty the program. I bought tokens on long period, I think will fly up.

  2. Eli
    Eli says:

    (I created a GDAX account a few weeks ago, w/o submitting my photo ID) So today I uploaded my photo id on GDAX 4 hours ago. Any idea how long it takes to approve? Also the odd thing is that I can't sign back into my GDAX account until the photos are approved. i wonder how I am suppose to know if it is approved if I can't sign in to find out.

  3. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    Bobby, when you say "moonshot" as far as ADA, can you give me some sort of ballpark of what you're hoping the moon could look like? $3? $100? $10,000? I'm going hard on ADA, IOTA, and XRP. Thank you

  4. ruho Saq
    ruho Saq says:

    i am not hating on ripple if banks are involved with ripple how is it decentralized and cryptocurrency its a counter technology against bitcoin and lot of other crypto currencies crypto world should banned it or delist from exchange let banksters use it

  5. Tony Ndu
    Tony Ndu says:

    Hi Bobby, which wallet do you use for Cardano? The daedalus wallet has been 'connecting to network' in my system for 3 days. Does anyone know the best wallet for Cardano?

  6. Loocifur
    Loocifur says:


    Which of these coins will be faster to transfer from one exchange to another?

    Bitcoin/Bitcoin Gold/Bitcoin Cash/Ethereum/Zcash/Dash coin

  7. Cragger
    Cragger says:

    Bobby no ripple oh no my best day ever now I feel kinda bad, really I do  I would have liked to have shared the moment with you, I have learned a lot from you thanks Bobby you have crushed it on many others. Keep up the good work!

  8. Justice Gustin
    Justice Gustin says:

    Regarding Bread

    I'm very interested in investing in Bread Tokens so I downloaded the Bread wallet app to my IPad to see what it's all about. I had a few issues/questions:

    Does it allow wallets for alt coins and tokens? The screenshot of the app on their website shows a wallet for BTC, ETH and a few random unheard-of tokens, but after exploring the app a bit, I was unable to figure out how to create/generate other wallets. Seems like you should at least be able to store Bread Tokens on it.

    The "send" and "receive" tabs on the bottom of the screen show a $ on the icon. Being that a $ is the symbol for USD, this can and will lead to confusion. I'm pretty sure these tabs are for sending and receiving BTC but I'm not positive because when you click on receive, an address appears but there's no indication that it is a BTC address. This needs to be clear.

    The only way I could find the app was to use the link from their website:
    If you go to the App Store and search for "Bread Wallet", it does not show up. Lots of other crypto wallet apps do, but not Bread Wallet. For this project to be successful, it must be easily searchable.

    I don't mean to be critical of Bread. I want the project to succeed and I hope they continue to make improvements. I have sent an email to the Bread team regarding these issues.

  9. JAE
    JAE says:

    The big banks n banker gansters worldwide will always make sure there crypto horse wil remain at least top 10 or top 5 in the crypto race! Its just the way its gonna be! Factz! Not a ripple fan at all its my least fav coin but business wise i had to snatch up a ripple bag! 💯

  10. Miguel Santos
    Miguel Santos says:

    Hey Bob, Nice videos! I think, however, that you are focusing too much on the analytical side of things, such as market cap vs supply and current (hyped) dollar value of the cryptos. This is absolutely fine but on the medium to long run, their inherent value will rely on the ability to actually execute the underlying technology. So far, only XRP has achieved that by making partnerships with the banks and people are starting to realize that. I am not saying that XRP will be the one, but it is probably the first one to go mainstream.

    There are better platforms out there that outperform BTC in transaction time, smart contracts and energy necessary to mine it.

    BTC is amazing but technological wise I see it as the first telephone or the first car.

  11. kommi1974
    kommi1974 says:

    Wait for the enormous dump. I'm principle alone, I'll never be involved with a banker's coin. The whole point of crypto currency is decentralization. The Just my opinion. The biggest long-term HODL and coin to top will be Tron.

  12. R- HES
    R- HES says:

    You should DEFINITELY look into buying ENCHROMA GLASSES. They will correct your color blindness, and you can see the world as it truly is! Trust me on this one…life changing. Search "Enchroma Glasses."

    I could use a little Litecoin as a reward for helping….if you were so inclined… 🙂


  13. SoulHattan
    SoulHattan says:

    I know someone who bought $10,000 worth of xrp when it was .40 or .50 cent, he convenience me to buy xrp and xlm for myself, my only regret is not buying enough of these gems at that price.

  14. Website guy
    Website guy says:

    My btc value on coinigy went up but my usd went down. Is this just me .I'm a quite a bit down. Any body else have the same problem. I cant see any fix unless I just hit a big one.

  15. Website guy
    Website guy says:

    Your crazy about ripple its the bankers coin . They are proving themselves by buying their own coin. Its centralized and this is how they take over. In my opinion.


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