Daily: Altcoins to Pluto / Etherdelta Hacked

Etherdelta has issued a statement saying that their exchange might be hacked. Altcoins are going to pluto, with some coins growing by 40%+ today.
1:00 Market Analysis
4:34 Ether Delta Hacked?
5:22 Coinbase Investigates accusations of insider trading
6:55 Charlie Lee sells his Litecoins
8:30 GMO Internet’s Crypto Mining Facility Is Up and Running

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31 replies
  1. Rochelle Douglass
    Rochelle Douglass says:

    Hi I hope you can help or shed some light.. On Binance I put a buy order for mana, the order canceled and my ETH disappeared. Trade History Record: 12-13 03:19:02 MANA/ETH Limit Buy — 0.00015600 — 301.00 — — Canceled.
    On TELEGRAM I saw many others having similar issues . "PLEASE" let me know if you have any info or what can be done.

  2. Bhagath Singh
    Bhagath Singh says:

    Hi Micheal,could you please do a review of oyster pearl which employes iota tangle for a decentralised web storage..Seems very promising .Could u plz enlighten us on that

  3. Jeremiah Lim
    Jeremiah Lim says:

    Charlie Lee was wise to sell all his crypto coins before the crash. He knew the whale syndicates will engineer the crash 3-4 days before Christmas. Breaking news is…Hempcoin THC will be next "verge" a privacy and anonymous coin to be launched in Jan 2018. Development team had tweeted there will be an epic announcement tomorrow. It is likely to be a partnership deal.

  4. Jason Hewitt
    Jason Hewitt says:

    Totally agree with you on the Coinbase investigation, I think it’s a PR gesture and anyhow they will be pissing against the wind with their investigation to be honest.

  5. Drew M
    Drew M says:

    as you make money with bitcoin, do you update and save your new amount typically everyday onto your ledger nano s? every week? just wondering what is typical?

  6. Allen Allen
    Allen Allen says:

    could you please repeat that people should not use coinbase or Gdax because that are hurting the average investor just to pad their balance sheets by maniputlating the price of BitcoinCash and their working with walstreet as well …. Everyone should use Gemini Exchange instead or another way to aquire bitcoin , Also a plus for using Gemini Exchange is that u can withdraw up to $100,000 at a time unlike coinbase and gdax who limit its customers from removing more than $3000 per week in some cases.

  7. deeedog
    deeedog says:

    Thanks for the great content as usual Michael.  Could you let us know what you think of Dragonchain by Disney?  Thanks and keep up the great work!

  8. Drew M
    Drew M says:

    if I put $5000 into bitcoin and the market crashes or bubble pops as they say, will I lose my initial investment of $5000 or only the money I've gained?

  9. Cats rule
    Cats rule says:

    etherdelta hack is scary, i always said it was the most secure site,glad i logged off earlier,need a wallet that makes you type in a password and is linked to ip address.

  10. H. B.
    H. B. says:

    Hi Michael (big Fan btw), I really loved your partnership video with Suppo, please feel free to do more like that.
    Quick tip from a long term investor : I do believe that cross-blockchain linking (connecting the different blockchains) is the future of the blockchain hype and i do believe that any crypto making it to the top100 on CoinMarketCap is aimed to become popular (speculation) and adopted (public awereness). Therefore, Since ICON (ICX) listing on CoinMarketCap is currently bugged (ICON has a marketCap of 400M$ but is listed number 1100 on coinmarket cap) and is the top crypto for S.Korea (ex: mentionned in Forbes yesterday), i strongly believe that it will simply explode in value as soon as the coinmarketcap bug will be sorted. My advice to you : Have a look at the ICON project, invest heavily, and make a video about their tech (ok, that's just selfish for pumping it ;p). Have a nice day buddy! Keep on doing a good job!


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