A Quick Look at the BTC Charts – Bitcoin Technical Analysis

BTC took a big dump over the last week. Does that mean that we are heading down to $4,000? Mark looks at the Bitcoin chart and does the technical analysis to give his perspective on the future price of Bitcoin.

Mark is an active crypto trader and enthusiast but is not a professional advisor. Please do your own research when making an investment decision and never invest more than you can lose.

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32 replies
  1. Peter Dee
    Peter Dee says:

    Great analysis there mate. Compared to FOREX, crypto trading did my head in. Still in there though and because of the potential of the technology and where prices may go – I'm staying.

  2. Dpp 1235
    Dpp 1235 says:

    If you're a HODLER you're an IDIOT ! I HODL losses, f ing WHY ??? Yeah because the NWO really gives a SHIT about miners, Lol ! Very good TA my target is $3500. ETF not happening this year and not until a massive bull is underway.

  3. KUP10 Music
    KUP10 Music says:

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  4. Makubekz
    Makubekz says:

    Better setup is falling wedge. Check the 2013 bear market and compare it to 2018., Both are showing similar pattern. Also dont forget the 100week MA at 4988 potential bounce area for falling wedge.

  5. DAMPA
    DAMPA says:

    i remember mcafee saying last year that there is no correction for Btc as it will go only up… that was when i was involved in crypto as very beginner. today i dont watch any of these suckers youtube videos made by teen-special care- pseudogurus with a word 'lambo' or 'moon' in title. i watch only altcoinbuzz, alessio rastani, in it for the money. that's it. and i treat them half seriously. what the fuck is going on with bill gates that he has turned into crypto bear after being influenced by buffet who has all in fiat. where is richard Branson? last year he pumped.
    oh right, i forgot that the bulls come out above 10.000 this year. you see, you have to distinguish false gurus from the real.
    take a loom at tom Lee, teeka tawari. they even in bear market are present. where is max keiser the Btc bull? so quiet here.
    don't watch idiots who predict 1000 for xrp next year. they are pumpers and euforia mongers.

  6. Craig Neeve
    Craig Neeve says:

    better not to buy until next market pump is underway, better to buy 10 percent higher than the bottom after its already hit, dont try and catch a falling knife

  7. Ronnie
    Ronnie says:

    I really like your TA. Just wondering though do u think that BTC would shoot down to 4000 if the head and shoulders plays out despite the support around 5000 region and btc longterm rsi being oversold?


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