Weekly Update (11/03/17) | Bitcoin reaches $7,500, can markets keep going up?

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39 replies
  1. imajunky
    imajunky says:

    lool not 1 of my country.people in my cou rry are really close minded.everybody waits on everybody to make a move first even if they are dying 😂😂😂

  2. Raven Rowanchilde
    Raven Rowanchilde says:

    In lieu of the Segwit2X cancellation, I am questioning whether the whole thing was rigged by at least some of the participants in the NY Agreement. Part of my feeling is spurred on by an article from Zero Hedge suggesting that Blockchain is at least part of the groundwork that globalists are laying as their "one world monetary fund" after the global financial reset. Instead of saving us from globalist banker tyrrany, we are being played by that same tyrrany into their endgame agenda. I pray that this is not the case. Please weigh in, Nick, because I value your insight. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-03/economic-end-game-continues?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook

  3. Lisa Clayton
    Lisa Clayton says:

    Mr Scott Adrian is not only a trade expert but he is the perfect account manager for every trader who wants to succeed, his strategy is 100% accurate and unique, I have never had any reason to regret trading forex/binary options with Mr Scott's strategy

  4. Golden Banjo
    Golden Banjo says:

    Should I wait for a pullback to buy my first bitcoin? Or should I do it before the segwit fork? Also is buying at a atm an ok move? Thanks and sorry for the rookie questions.

  5. Tron Effect
    Tron Effect says:

    With Bitcoin high atm I've been just trading in ICO's with ETH. Hopefully after the fork there will be a pull back where I can definitely make some money back from the holds I have.

  6. Nico Buelens
    Nico Buelens says:

    Hi Datadash, a question concerning an ICO. Utrust seems to be a legit ICO, with a good plan at a good time (now). However, everything will be rolled out in Q4 2018. They aim to be "the paypal of crypto". However, what IF Paypal would integrate cryptos in their business strategy (say Q1 2018), wouldn't Utrust be too late to roll out?

  7. Dry Dessert
    Dry Dessert says:

    Eos spike: there was speculation that Eos would be the next pick of Palm Beach Research, who have been regarded to be a guru crypto researcher up to his webinar this week. Now, the boss of PBR is getting a lot of heat for his slimy selling tactics and his past.

  8. Rolf
    Rolf says:

    Segwit2x futures on CMC are HitBTC fakes. Look at BT2 on Bitfinex, they are $ 1094 there. Much lower then Segwit futures on HitBTC which are $1467.27 currently.
    You want the proper futures, look at BT1 and BT2 on Bitfinex, ignore HitBTC futures, they are always way to high with very low volume

  9. Tywithay
    Tywithay says:

    There's always a push before a fork, so you can cash in on the free clone. Buy btc now to collect b2x, then you can dump the b2x for basically free money and invest it back into something else. Btc will then slowly disperse back into alts and settle back down for a bit.

  10. Rick D
    Rick D says:

    Great video Nick! Really like the 'personal touch' / you taking the time to respect the community behind you.
    You got me educated in the basics of cc and ta. Big, big thanks from 1 of the 4000 Dutch subscribers!

  11. Nizam Yiğit
    Nizam Yiğit says:

    Hi. Price is going up but daily number of transaction and total volume of the transactions are not making big difference. This may be taken as market penetration is not growing. it is growing but can it go up this way? I mean without increase in transaction and volume increase in transactions how far can you go?
    If you could touch these in another video.

  12. Aaron Sim
    Aaron Sim says:

    hey nick, considering that btc has been mooning unlike eth/ltc/alts, do you think that its price correction will bring down the prices of other cryptocurrencies? or will it boost them?


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