Blockport Decentralized Exchange A Coinbase Hybrid

In this video we take a look at a new project, developing a hybrid exchange. Their interface does look very similar to Coinbase. Let us know what your thoughts are on the Blockport decentralized exchange being developed in the Netherlands.


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  1. BackToConstitution
    BackToConstitution says:

    Sounds like you're laying in a casket and speaking with the lid closed! Are you? The sound is shitty!
    I came to hear about a decentralized exchange to defy the 'finger up your ass, totalitarian dictatorship' that has taken over the world! We don't want a government! What we want is the freedom to do what we want with our money!

  2. ericool007
    ericool007 says:

    Covesting is live for beta. You can try it now. Register with this referral link and get 50$ free for trading fees.
    First 25k people who register will receive additional 300$ worth of trading fees.
    That’s $350.00 USD free if you sign up soon
    Covesting will automatically replicate pro traders that you follow, and can review as well, Portion of profits will be bought back and burned thus increasing its value.

    AVLRECORDS says:

    Blockport will co op with ark ecosystem. With blockport servers in amsterdam (redicolous fast servers best of planet) no creepy government that will fuck it up.
    There is also dutch people from ark who know dutch people from blockport, seems like a good thing

  4. Aaron Day
    Aaron Day says:

    Blockport has tremendous potential even with Robinhood and Uphold also answering the question of How do we make crypto easier? Excited to see where this goes!


    Have you Seen BLOCKPORT???
    It Looks great and undervalued!!!
    Competitor to Coinbase+ETHOS, partner with ARK, you can hold your coins in the wallet and at the same time buying many coins from diferent exchanges choosing the best price, and you can follow experient traders!!
    I loved that!!!

  6. lost soul
    lost soul says:

    I new to crypto & I think I better buy this. I've been watching a lot of your videos & whoever bought A LOT of the coins you've reviewed is a millionaire today.

  7. GalacticWoman
    GalacticWoman says:

    I was glad to have participated in this ICO. Their team is top notch and their product rocks. The fact you can follow experienced traders and trade on multiple exchanges with private keys. This is new!

  8. lindsay
    lindsay says:

    please look at Indicoin, fresh out of ICO first India coin, proof of ACTUAL work, tackling social services. get paid from non profit work. its in infancy. its a good cause. website and team is LEGIT. this one is going to be biiiiiig

  9. Adam Platell
    Adam Platell says:

    ITC just got listed on Kucoin the IOTA of China can anyone review this please as it at a very discounted price from $9 to now just under $3 with very low market cap.


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