Bitcoin ROCKETS, Ethereum Comes Back and BTC more valuable than Goldman Sachs?!

Bitcoin has crushed it’s all time highs, shooting past $5,500. Will BTC keep running, and will Ethereum finally be able to keep pace?

And speaking of crushing… Bitcoin just eclipsed the market capitalization of Goldman Sachs. Yes, Bitcoin is now worth $95 Billion, while Goldman Sachs is worth $92 Billion. Could you ever imagine a world like this 3 or 4 years ago? Crazy!

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  1. Peter Kostic
    Peter Kostic says:

    My prediction is that BTC will hit around the $6.5K mark around the time of the Segwit 2x fork. There will be a sell-off, but to be honest not really going to short BTC. Will hold as the price will hit $10K by Jan/Feb 2018

  2. Tyronie balonie
    Tyronie balonie says:

    To say that bitcoin is more valuable than Goldman Sachs is misleading. Everyone raves on about the market cap but if all bitcoins went on sale at once the price would crash and the value would drop significantly whereas if Goldman Sachs sold the business, I don't believe it would see a drop in value anywhere near the same.. Don't get me wrong, I love Bitcoin and I am invested but I think everyone comparing the market cap to companies all the time is somewhat misleading. For example, say bitcoin hits 100billion market cap and takes a dive to 60billion, this does not mean that 40billion in btc was sold into thin air, this means that there was enough volume sold to scare others into selling forcing the price down and leaving the market cap somewhat useless to bitcoins total value at any one time.

  3. StephenZ827
    StephenZ827 says:

    Just to answer your question, yes, I did buy through Coinbase, and then bought into all three ( bit, Ether. and Lite ) to cover a little spread. As I only learned about crypto a few months back, I simple used a spread out the risk tactic. Enjoy learning from your video's and great education for those of us just getting our feet wet. Thanks.

  4. Michael McGraw
    Michael McGraw says:

    I m looking at Cardano. I haven t studied its use, but it only popped in to the top 15 a few weeks ago I think. Looks like the whales are pushing up it, QTUM, and QRL right now.

  5. Chika Nduaguibe
    Chika Nduaguibe says:

    Hey Rob, I've been monitoring the Crypto market for a few months now, and just recently bought some BTC and LTC before the spike. Since then I've reinvested my BTC into NEO and OMG, since the trade rates were so low following the BTC push. How do you see the alt coin market (NEO and OMG mostly) reacting in the near future? I'm hoping they will rise with BTC soon and I'll be able to profit from buying the dip

  6. david sellers
    david sellers says:

    Rob.. you do such a good job at keeping peeps up to the date with the news.. Such a value!! The speculation and analysis is so covered with the other Crypto Tubers, not so much… the fall of Ponzi/Bit Connect will be the next fall of Bitcoin to buy back in at half the price. i would like to buy you a beer next time im in NYC.. I have an office in midtown…

  7. Karlito's Way
    Karlito's Way says:

    We will not wait 6 months for 10.000… 🙂 BTC will hit 7500 usd right be4 the first fork on 25.oct then a small correction, and a run up over 10.000 be4 the second B2X fork late november… Imho

  8. Jose Padilla
    Jose Padilla says:

    if we went through another recession like 2008 2009 and a lot of people lost their jobs so money was not being spent at a regular rate. what do you think would happen to the crypto market if another recession came about. small dips? big dips? stocks fall more,% wise then crypto. whats your take?

  9. Ma Do
    Ma Do says:

    Thanks rob for that inspiring Videos. I think that after a smoth ethereum hard fork, ethereum fire up all cylinders and go to 1000$. What do you think? Greetings from south germany. Keep on making this great content 👍🏻🙏🏻👍🏻🙏🏻👍🏻


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