Bitcoin Finally Out of The Bear Market? BTC Technical Analysis

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How does Bitcoin trading sideways indicate that we might be coming out of a bear market? When will the bear market end? Is there really an end in sight? Mark will take us through the Bitcoin chart and put some potential target dates on when we could be out of this cycle.

Mark is an active trader and shares his technical analysis of the charts. He is not a professional advisor but shares his knowledge so that you can have a foundation to do your own research and make informed decisions on your investments. Always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.
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45 replies
  1. Dan ZygomatiK
    Dan ZygomatiK says:

    Very cute tech analysis but if the stock exchange market crashes like lots of analysts are thinking of,the fondamental around crypto will just be useless in front of the big sell off on traditional market,and the volume needed on crypto for the take off we wait will not happen,worst the panic sell off will hit crypto too,far from the stupid idea of BTC becoming the new gold in case of crisis.

  2. Jason Russo
    Jason Russo says:

    You guys feel you need to make daily videos. How can you say BTC is bullish? It has been within $500 USD for 2 weeks. Why would you say it is bullish, I call it stagnant.

  3. R James
    R James says:

    Hoffman Line $100 billion dollar market cap ($6000 for BTC) provides support. Next round of Litecoin/Bitcoin mining reward halvings begins 2019! Consolidation……..then we go up after next short squeeeeeeeze……….

  4. Kinley Arellano
    Kinley Arellano says:

    Look Guys, I agree BTC has hit bottom and XRP, XLM, ADA, EOS will lead the bull market, Knowing that the crypto market is manipulating and full of speculations, I believe BTC will become supreme as always, we should just keep on holding, as for XRP it will not sky rocket as everyone thinks, this is pure facts, but It will gradually lead between, but since ETH has gone back to second place in the crypto market cap, that shows more hope on all this digital currencies, nevertheless, I still day trade following the best strategist and analyst, Mr. Adams Hudson, member of financial crypto market, He showed me how to utilize my coins I’m holding to make extra profits, I invested just 10K from what I’m holding and I made 75K good cash in just a day, It was mind blowing because I have never had this type of strategies and signals for trading before and Adam made it possible for me, now as I hodl my precious coins, I side by side make day trading profits. Big thanks to Mr Adams, you can also get help and best strategy from him, just send him request via his Email {} .

  5. M. Ibrahim
    M. Ibrahim says:

    Cool TAs Mark thanks a lot, yes we hope next year there will be better shift up for crypto, Mark did you noticed lastly there is a lot of positive news about XRP I got a feeling of big exaggeration XRP wherever I go I saw youtubers is talking about it, have a nice day.

  6. Richie Walker
    Richie Walker says:

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  7. LLaregub JINKS
    LLaregub JINKS says:

    Who cares if you pay 6k 5k 4 k or 3k , the upside is going to be huge, when it eventually reaches 50k who is going to say, ohh if only I had paid 5k instead of 6k.

  8. doopy noo
    doopy noo says:

    Corn is the ultimate brain food and I eat a lot. I can't tell if its kicking in yet I really don't feel any different. From here on out I'm only gonna listen to billionaires in alphabetical order so I'm gonna need a list of names. Is this guy a billionaire? I got 4k in the bank and it's time to step up my game…

  9. Jayed Martian
    Jayed Martian says:

    Jesus Christ. I'm so tired of you guys ignoring half of the trend history to draw a damn decending wedge. We broke decending wedge in July. We've been trading sideways since. We broke a second "decending triangle" everyone was drawing in August. Then we broke the THIRD FUCKING TRIANGLE in September/October. You guys are so bad at TA it's painful. Acknowledge we're trading sideways, and have technically been in a sideways market since August. Stop painting bearish signs when the market has come to rest above it's support for months straight.

  10. BDowling
    BDowling says:

    Legitimate question: do you guys ever post anything negative? This account is perma-bull and I'm curious how much money you've caused people to lose.

  11. JCE
    JCE says:

    I'm just curious, is there anyone out there that's still paying attention to crypto that would even sell their Bitcoin at this point? I'm genuinely curious. If anyone out there would still sell their BTC after holding for this long could you comment and say why?? LOL.

  12. ShanT
    ShanT says:

    I really like Mark, pls keep doing the chart cuz your voice is clear and easy do understand, also why you don't livestream anymore?

  13. Nice
    Nice says:

    I have lost 90% of my investment xD
    Did never sell,
    But i am a long term holder.
    Thinking about putting in some more money but then i ame going to follow closer on what is happens with the market..

  14. zakir hussain
    zakir hussain says:

    Now we should see what this guy will say if it drops from here.. technically weekly holding below 20 ma and 200 ma of 3 days is going to get break down which acted as support..I am sure it will again visit 6k but a drop from that if happened will take all way down to 5k and 3k too..its not going up even we r having bullish news and if u observe book the volume r also low..I am betting at 6k either up or down…if it pushes above 6.5k after 6k then new bull nor 3k eventually


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