Tough Lessons from XRP, ADA, TRX and XVG.. Psychology on Buying the Top

Did you buy the recent “top” on XRP, ADA, TRX and/or XVG? It’s alright if you did, even if you’ve taken some heavy loses. The important thing is to internalize the loss and learn from it as much as possible. Let’s talk about how you can learn from it and why I’m always petrified of buying into a coin like TRX or XRP after it’s on such a massive move.

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  1. DD
    DD says:

    All these ripple buyers (most of them bought at 3+) look like a sect to me. They would get less mad if you insult their mother than that shit coin of ripple (xrp blabla).

  2. Daryl Davis
    Daryl Davis says:

    Buffet's puked out of IBM:

    You had a great explanation of Buffet's mindset. Buffet doesn't trade stocks, he invests in companies: stocks merely are the token for ownership. He was a disciple of Benjamin Graham, whose value investing approach still offers the best investing (vs speculating or gambling) advice ever.

    One other thing about the Oracle of Omaha: he's the consummate insider. His father was Congressman Howard Buffet. He makes calls to and takes calls from people who wouldn't urinate on us if we were on fire.

  3. Kyros Nox
    Kyros Nox says:

    All I'm seeing a frickin crypto conga line. Everything rising and falling at the same time. Bitcoin sucks and apparently all other currencies are following it. I don't see any decentralization here.
    This crypto market has become a joke in a very short space of time.

  4. Jack Middleton
    Jack Middleton says:

    I know you are not a noob but maybe your statement is more noobish. I have watched a lot of people trying to analyze crypto and the funny thing is that they are not sure at all what will happen but then when something good or bad happens they say they told everyone and they totally knew that would happen. The truth is that these cryptos could triple in a week and then what? There is no lesson. The only thing I can think of that was obvious and a lesson was the bitconnect scam.

  5. ATI nsider
    ATI nsider says:

    Crypto Currency is the future, ain't going anywhere, its here to say regardless of what anybody says. This ain't an opinion, its a basic FACT that cannot be refuted. But people do have a right to there opinions.

  6. centyrone
    centyrone says:

    Chose not to buy ETH at $600 because it was on a run, thought there would be a pull back and it just never stopped. Used the same logic on LTC when it was at $350 and that's how I lost 30% of my investment

  7. Chris Ferrell
    Chris Ferrell says:

    Love how the news celebrates you when you're up and then mocks you when you're down. I'm going to start doing the opposite of whatever main stream media is saying

  8. Christian
    Christian says:

    The MEGA Crypto is a new group already at 25k+ members! They’ve only done 2 signals so far and it’s gained me a safe 15% each time. You will make money as long as you play it safe and sell for a good percentage. There’s a signal every other day and there’s never any pre-pumps! Check out the results channel for all the information!

  9. JasmineCam
    JasmineCam says:

    That chart at is showing the place where the price had been ingeneerd on the way up, banks was actually selling to who was selling on the hipe, you see how on the way back, price revisited, liek he outlined, because the banks have still positions, that have to liquidate….. in another market, you would actually short at that points

  10. Beefy G
    Beefy G says:

    Fortunately I bought in on December 29th when all these were much lower, although they took one hell of a hit I'm still up 3-4X. I'm still pissed I sold my litecoins when they were $27!

  11. Brandon Shaull
    Brandon Shaull says:

    Not using the word indoctrinate correctly. What you mean to say is "initiated". Indoctrinate implies misleading someone, or only telling them a single side of a multi-faceted story.

  12. Aaron Nelson
    Aaron Nelson says:

    Very insightful Bobby thank you. I wish this was something I watched before Jan 1 when I literally bought all of those cryptos basically at their peak…yea the emotional struggle is real..I will not take a loss though I'll hold till I die if I have to but yea I feel very stupid however I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON.

  13. JHawksNumbr1
    JHawksNumbr1 says:

    If you buy the top you either don't know the fundamentals of trading or got greedy and didn't listen to what the indicators were saying. Crypto is easy money as long as you stick to what the charts are telling you. Stop chasing the 100%+ gains in one shot and just consistently cash in on the 5%-15% opportunities that the markets give you multiple times a day. They add up in the long run.

  14. Hughes Turner
    Hughes Turner says:

    I am going to disagree with Warren Buffett on this because I don't think he understands them; he's wedded in old 19th and 20th century thinking.  If you review what Richard Branson and Bill Gates have to say about crypto they see the future in them. I bought $$$$ worth of several cryptos.  I know they are extremely volatile and it is a risk but I made a distinction between transactional coins (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium etc), the sh*t coins, and the ones that I am betting on because of their underlying processes, technology and mechanisms (Cardano, Ripple, IOTA etc) which is what/where I think the future of crypto is…faster processing times for transactions, de-centralization, privacy/security, low/zero transaction fees etc based on the emerging and improving blockchain and tangle technology.  I am by no means an expert and I am not betting the farm on them but the underlying technology is fascinating and I think it is the future and worth holding long term. If not, I am out a few thousand and the Oracle of Omaha will be proven right.  A cardinal rule I learned in the Army is don't ever let emotions get in the way of a good business decision and to take the long view. I don't try to time the market.

  15. Clinton Munkres
    Clinton Munkres says:

    The thing with the mentioned cryptos is that they are some of the most solid projects out there. Their tech is spot on and solid and I think that that makes them the most attractive. I can't fault anyone with putting their money into them. Especially ADA and XRP.

  16. C.R. Camera
    C.R. Camera says:

    Whats really funny is that Mr. Ripple CEO became richest man in the world taking only ONE WEEK to achieve…LOL. Passing Gates and Buffet combined .took them a lifetime..The banks created the ripple effect that Buffet claims doesn't exist. The very evil ripple is Buffet in effect, because he transfers lots of money around the world….Im sure Warren will be using the very RIPPLE blockchain he says is a failure while he slams deals together., transfer the funds quick and get out of town….yet Buffet probably bought stock in "Ripple" after watching Fred Sanford in the seventies. .

  17. Mo6
    Mo6 says:

    buffet has money in cryptos he's just playing everyone… it's mandatory for himself to invest in crypto being that it's low.

  18. danielle onyejeli
    danielle onyejeli says:

    LMAO XD same thing happened to me but i only went in with £100 and i pulled out with over £20 loss but made it back in no time. I felt Tron could go up and down despite the hype so i was cautious going in, did not set a stop loss but was watching market like a hawk 🙂 Hope you eventually get your money back x

  19. chummer2060
    chummer2060 says:

    I should have taken some profits on Cardano when it jumped up. I did on Tron. Not FUDing though. Still averaged in at a good price. I know better for next time.


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