Bull Market… CONFIRMED?

Binance was hacked for 7,000 BTC ($40 million USD) and yet the price of Bitcoin is down only 0.5%. If this had happened a few months ago, it likely would have been total carnage for the BTC price. Let’s talk about the Binance hack, what it means for you, and what the heck this all means for the market.

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25 replies
  1. king david
    king david says:

    Awake awake and awaken crypto shmoes.
    The shmoes knows. That exchange amongst others is a BS exchange
    They have had numerous problems – run by absolute crypto shmoes

  2. SoxXxOwnsU
    SoxXxOwnsU says:

    Binance coin has a 3 Billion dollar market cap, im sure Binance holds a lot of them, its also been the best coin since the crash started in 2017. Its actually a good sign we see a crypto exchange take responsibility and brush it off like any big stock exchange would.

  3. 33 Sosa
    33 Sosa says:

    which buyers stepped in? any usdt turning into BTC could easily shoot up btc price across all exchanges (only 100million dollar made that 1000 dollar candle few weeks ago) this price movement is not organic at all and will face serious manipulation in the future

  4. Kevin McKee
    Kevin McKee says:

    I don’t understand a block rewind. That defeats the purpose of bitcoin if you asked me. But like quantitative easing sounds good until I go to by coffee with my worthless raise.

  5. Kevin McKee
    Kevin McKee says:

    Yeah dude, I can’t get one friend to buy some bitcoin. Before the shit hits the fan. He market recovery knowing these Balt and fidelity and all of them buying it up so they can resell to us when we’re tarring next year. The bull market is here. Let the wise buy like mother fuckers and May your research profit the world as our friends and families starve around us.

  6. Keith Attlesey
    Keith Attlesey says:

    Until last night, CZ had an impressive record of consistently solid judgment. But, by not immediately shooting down the reorg idea as unacceptable, CZ hurt that record. It’s unfortunate, and cause for concern about his true motivations and intentions.

  7. Matt Craig
    Matt Craig says:

    I still don't understand how an exchange hack should affect price.
    Does a bank robbery devalue your $USD?
    It should encourage good security practices, and might downgrade trust of Binance, but not affect price of BTC at all.

  8. LoTemps
    LoTemps says:

    Binance is the antithesis to what the value proposition of BTC being a currency that is separated from the state. Binance is acting like a private sector central bank that prints it's own $. to support the development and maintenance of their exchange.

  9. Yoseph Aire
    Yoseph Aire says:

    Its still pumping because people are still exiting tether into BTC, then arbitragers are pushing the price of BTC/USD up profit on the price gap of BTC/USDT. When the BTC/USDT buy pressure ends, the market will crash.


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