News: Ethereum Pumps! Bitcoin heads to $6000 Resistance. Tron discloses major bug

Ethereum Pumps up 8% and Bitcoin takes on the big $6000 Resistance. With the combined power of Bitcoin miners and Institutional investors push Bitcoin higher? Tron discloses a major bug that could of stalled the network.

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1. What you think will push Bitcoin over $6000
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1:40 Ethereum Major Rally
4:06 Miners to orchestrate pump?
4:20 Institutional Investors (Fidelity, Greyscale, CFTC?)
6:53 IEO attempts pump and dump (and fails?)
7:54 Tron discloses major bug
8:47 USDT & LEO : Why only the Chinese care
11:02 Giveaway!
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35 replies
  1. C
    C says:

    It’s so hard to predict bitcoin but news always seems to move the needle! Thanks for keeping us updated in such a wild market! Cheers

  2. Jaspir
    Jaspir says:

    It will pass 6k. One whale will just buy more BTC! The question is how long will it stay above 6k! ETH: 0x7ffcF25ed2F55EA7036253cB98AbCb535de97547

  3. R James
    R James says:

    Reminder that Bitfinex in New York has been replaced by Bitstamp Exchange – BitStamp only trade BTC, Łitecoin, ETH, BCH & Xrp. Perhaps this has had, or may have an effect on price moves…..

  4. tom new
    tom new says:

    BTC will break 6K in a week 0r 10 days due to nothing except no bad news. We have enough great news already to run with the bulls 🙂 0x1e330a2cac8f81b72785d341d57a1ed3de6be218

  5. jojo padlan
    jojo padlan says:

    It will break the resistance of $6000 because of the entrance of the institutional money, regulatory finalization, and finally the adoption of cryptos.

  6. GO Crypto GO!
    GO Crypto GO! says:

    The 6K$ mark has been broken as I'm writting this message, so whatever it takes has been done 🙂 Love your videos Pirate Boxmining 🙂

  7. Jason H1
    Jason H1 says:

    Multiple answers to break $6k. More news of institutional adotption, regulatory news as well as more investors. This is an exciting time. I wish I'd not bought so much in alt coins. Thanks for all the great info.

  8. Collectible Reviews
    Collectible Reviews says:

    I think to break 6k should be any day now, but to break and hold over 6k we need more people to be interested and willing to learn about crypto use cases.

  9. Anaru Haumu
    Anaru Haumu says:

    I believe gaming will be the platform to do that, as it is with the next generation, its a multi billion dollar industry,. mass adoption without them knowing…. 0xdf64c3a6301cfbc47d238b0fe4b9c9606e044133

  10. Daniel
    Daniel says:


    Different options are:

    People drop a little bit gold and buying crypto.

    Terrible inflation in some countries will buy people into Bitcoin.
    Next year the inflation rate for Bitcoin will be better than gold or some fiat currencies?…….
    1,8 % ?……..

    Fidelity and other institutions getting platforms ready for their customers.

    The bitcoin halving is about to happen in about a year. (also Bitcoin Cash)…

    Thanks man. I find your videos very fun and informative

  11. Daniel Sic
    Daniel Sic says:

    Exchanges comming together and make a huge push UP, simuntaiously destroying all shorts.. this could in my opinnion moon spike up to almost 8k. de62454e1f6f7ef04a70a79edd44936aaa5259ae

  12. Mr Andre
    Mr Andre says:

    Oh.. answer for 6k resistent is that it will only need 1 good news from a trusted source. For example warren B finally accepts btc or SEC gives green light. Maybe even just a tweet from a celeb. Or a more sinnister reason: a whale wants it to cross 6k.

    By the way: i do not want to publically announce my ether address so if i win, PM me 🙂

  13. Steven Nagesar
    Steven Nagesar says:

    More good news will break the 6000 resistance. Also people will fomo from 6000 so old resistance will turn into support. 0x7Ab35BF9f0b6c17107958328eD0219460b42373a


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