Crypto Market Manipulation? Lets Talk Bitcoin and Altcoins

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  1. tumarfa
    tumarfa says:

    1:08 – Switzerland is not the crown juwel of the European Union, as Switzerland isn't even a member state.
    Besides, getting shitty Internet/wifi the few places you happen to be doesn't necessarily reflect reality. My Internet at home will always beat wifi at any hotel.

  2. Stuart H
    Stuart H says:

    Cliff High says EOS is a basically a year long shell game for cash and watch out for Cardano…not saying I am agreeing just saying that is what Cliff said on his video interview.

  3. Aidy Ballard
    Aidy Ballard says:

    Enjoyed your work in the past but I think you let yourself and Altcoinbuzz down with this video. Don't make a video after 6 drinks (I think you said) if you want to maintain credibility. Also the EU is an organisation of cooperation between countries. It's not a country in itself as you seem to suggest from many of your comments. You come across as a little misguided in this video, not helped in anyway by the following stats:

    The 10 countries with the fastest internet speeds

    South Korea


    Hong Kong








    6 out of 10 are EU countries. No U.S.A. It's not a whose best competition, but please stop spreading misinformation. You have a large audience base and what you say matters. Otherwise how should anyone have any trust in the other things you say. I think you guys can do better than this.

  4. MikeyMoneyBaby
    MikeyMoneyBaby says:

    So if you focus on the regulated trading that is taking place in the future with future contracts and such it's interesting. A lot of the money will be coming in slowly but surely through those regulated forces, and I noticed there are some nice little mentions where Stellar Lumens is concerned.. If you think about that, if stellar is good, then Kin is good. lol. Is it just me that feels that way?

  5. caveymoley
    caveymoley says:

    Should totally bring back the gladiatorial games and public enemy executions via exotic animals.
    * Television "pay per views" and admission fees for live shows are to be paid for using one of the "top5" CryptoCurrencies.

  6. mkidd11
    mkidd11 says:

    Went to Chase bank the other day. Tried to deposit cash (I only deal in) into my daughters account. Was told "chase has policy no cash deposit into accounts that you are not on". WTF?! I told her, "that's a stupid policy, just one more reason why we need cryptocurrency to move in…IT'S CASH…THIS IS A BANK"! >: Grrr!

  7. Zadimen
    Zadimen says:

    Pffff 'crush the likes' and how everybody are stupid and ridiculous and you are so great is the only thing I was hearing for 20 minutes. You are super arrogant and off-topic.

  8. Ben F
    Ben F says:

    U should be calling ahead to check before you make reservations these countries are not set up like American ones. Our country the United States is the most addict to tech and those countries and they don’t need to have high speed internet. That’s on you for not checking ahead of time. Your a traveling p

  9. Diarmuid Ryan
    Diarmuid Ryan says:

    where the hell in the EU have you been? come to Dublin dude..Ireland got amazing fibre and 4G even a lot of remote areas
    . and the Guinness …portugal and spain, a lot of europe do not have net neutrality, you pay big money for good connection and often connections are throttled at peak times…thats my rant over dude 😉

  10. MrDj
    MrDj says:

    If i look at the biggest picture i mean the bullrun from September 2015 till ATH, everybody was a TA Expert! This bullrun was also not normal! But now we have fallingknife and all the people want to catch this falling knife! If i make some TA, i really see that we can go down to $4000 area, if the whales push the market much more down!

  11. Rhonnie Allan
    Rhonnie Allan says:

    Tallin is a Tech hub, Stockholm is a tech hub. London is a tech hub. I have no bloody idea what your talking about.
    Iceland is a Techub
    The ignorance is alarming. Stop sleeping in cheap hotels and you'll have fast net

  12. aqeel3344
    aqeel3344 says:

    Why nobody understands that manipulation and lack of regulations what made early holders millionaires and not mainstream media and talk shows in YouTube. Oh ya FYI, there is no such thing as cryptocurrency exchange hacks, it's exchange theft to steal as much as they want and blame it on hacks.

  13. Carla D
    Carla D says:

    Best Alt coin Buzz live stream ever !!
    Have a few shots ever time !!
    Like it when somebody speaks from the heart.
    Enjoy your travels and Australia has crappy internet, just fly over it for New Zealand.


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