THUNDERCORE – ETHEREUM IMPROVEMENT? ⚡️ ThunderCore Deep Dive – Programmer explains.

ThunderCore is a project that tries to iterate on the present Ethereum technology. Today we take a look at what it is, how it works and how we can build things on top of it. We are going to program a simple smart contract in Solidity and upload it to the Thundercore network. The good thing with Thundercore is that the network is Ethereum compatible which means that all development tools are 100% portable.

This episode is sponsored by ThunderCore.

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11 replies
  1. Really Interested
    Really Interested says:

    I dont trust any white people, and white skin looks evil to me. For that reason, these videos make me distrust crypto more because, like the internet white people invented it in a stupidly failed attempt to rule everyone like communists. Their racism made them stupidly overlook that it will be indians and asians who will will use the net to rule the world. And white arrogance had them prematurely pronounce a victory for "The New "white" World order only to wake up with nothing but shit and China runs the shit. And , soon, WW3 will end crypto after you all stupidly trusted in some man made infrastructure, we call a space junkyard. So much stupidity and I dont feel sorry for u anymore.

  2. MrMadnelsen
    MrMadnelsen says:

    So basically, if/when ETH Plasma is released Thundercore is not needed anymore.

    Additionally isn't it completely UX unfriendly, if there always has to be a check for the case of if my transaction actually went through or if the fast path is corrupted?

    I don't really trust any project, which does an IEO.


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