Daily Update (5/25/2018) | Where are markets heading?

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50 replies
  1. Robin Norton
    Robin Norton says:

    Appropos to nothing, could you please make your animated logo look a little less like a demon rising from Hell? Or, is that your intent… “ol’ Nick”?

  2. Okeanos Grey
    Okeanos Grey says:

    Nick, Love your videos man, but I have to say that you really need to do your research on the 2008 collapse. You seem to be towing the standard line, about "deregulation being the foundational attributed driver for 'predatory lending practices' and speculation in the markets. This is completely wrong. What regulations were removed from the public banking act of 1932 (commonly referred to as Glass-Steagall) that actually contributed to relaxing lending practices? The answer in none. What did happen was federal backing of these risky loans through bureaucratic design to incentivize these types of loans for lower and middle income people who would have otherwise been rejected by risk analysts at most major lending institutions. A lot of people listen to and respect your perspective. I really wish you would rethink your perspective on this particular narrative.

  3. Clarissa Delprat
    Clarissa Delprat says:

    Ok so thighter bank regulations, zero interest rate, & the future outcome of better or worst bank loans to average people looking for credit will effect the volume of liquidity in the decentralized crypto sphere?…I guess people need cash flow so they use crypto for that as an alternative shifting from a speculative investment to an asset depending on the economics of the day…

  4. Janne Maaranen
    Janne Maaranen says:

    Great info about the Bloomberg terminal etc. and other connections to traditional market. But FA is certainly geared too much to the bullish side. Trader of futures and Tone Ways certainly give more realistic picture of the markets in fundamental analysis. Though is better to be bull now than when we were in 10k$.

  5. Artem Dergach
    Artem Dergach says:

    Nicolas please check out electrify (ELEC). I know you showed it like example of pump and dump. But project actually is very good. They have CEO of omisego as advisor.

  6. John Hill
    John Hill says:

    This guy is a novice at best when it comes to TA .. but y’all cult crypto bulls will listen to anything that will agree with your lambo dreams so keep believing..

  7. anya coin
    anya coin says:

    Great video, really like your thoughts. What about Swiss project Contractvault? I would like to hear your opinion. The are in phase I of token sale, it looks pretty promising, i am wondering if that's good investment.

  8. Ziv Himmelfarb
    Ziv Himmelfarb says:

    Thank you Nick for another awesome video. Cannot thank you enough for the observations you make and the sensible tips you give from time to time. One thing that I cannot understand though, is how comes you are yet to talk about Horizon State (HST). They've just signed a deal with an Indonesian organisation with 96 million members. This alone is huge but there are also other deals in the making and I'm super bullish on this low market cap sleeping giant. In a nutshell, Horizon State enable decision making on the blockchain. It is not just a bullet proof voting system, but much more than that – their platform deals with the entire decision making process and not just voting. They have an amazing team of nearly 30 employees mostly in Wellington New Zealand and Melbourne Australia. You often talk about low cap opportunities, I think you'll be very happy if you look at this. https://horizonstate.com
    Thanks for reading.

  9. SillyLlamaz
    SillyLlamaz says:

    Alessio Rastani says that triple bottom and failed reallys are bad in other markets. In crypto it seems to singal upcoming bullrun. I am exited about GIT!! 😀

  10. Jagadish Lancer
    Jagadish Lancer says:

    Hey Nick,
    Thanks for these daily updates, they're much needed sustenance for cooling down the masses. I'm looking at Qlink and wondering if it's going hold. What ya think?

  11. wayne mortell
    wayne mortell says:

    The Criminal Probe launched into Bitcoin price manipulation is why Bitcoin is now falling. I predict that it's going to keep falling because this prevents new pumps. It's going to slowly correct itself to its real price which is just few dollars. Sell and get out now!

  12. Hannu Rahunen
    Hannu Rahunen says:

    Please, slow down your talk. You have a good information, but I think you try to get it out too quickly. For non native english person, it is difficult to follow you sometimes. Otherwise, keep on updating your posts, they are valuable!

  13. Shane Steer
    Shane Steer says:

    hey Nic cheers again for a valuable video,REQUEST can you PLEASE do a tutorial on IDEX PLEASE, its very complicated for newbies in the space snd i know lots of people who dont know how to use it, again THANKYOU.

  14. crazitomali
    crazitomali says:

    Nick. EOS you need to register your tokens!!!! If you dont by the 1st. POOF!!! YOU GET SCAMMED. I am not FUD DYOR!! Please upvote to spread awareness!!!! EOS does not share how to register the tokens on their website. Only 30% of token holders have registered!!! PLEASE PROTECT YOUR FUNDS!

  15. Hofmann
    Hofmann says:

    DataDash, your videos are unwatchable when you compare coins to BTC. It is pointless to compare something that is moving with something else that is moving.

    Please compare coins to USD wherever possible!

  16. Donald Wassink
    Donald Wassink says:

    Market manipulation is the real story and how it was done. Warren Buffet got on CNBC and trashed Bitcoin for his own personal gain by stating that Bitcoin was Rat Poison on Morning Money show. Then, the price drop from 10 k. Bill Gates and Berkshire Hathaway got on the same show the following monday and trashed bitcoin. BTC crashed during conscious 2018 because of this. Now, take a look at his twitter account Warren Buffet @ ORACLEofETH where he promotes Bitcoin and compare this to his public statements. Why? For profit by shorting on CME / CBOE . Watch his continued manipulaton at Warren Buffet @ ORACLEofETH

  17. Biff Bifford
    Biff Bifford says:

    Stop calling a 5 month bear market a correction!! This is monster bear market. A correction may give up 50% of a monthly gain. NOT 70% off it’s highs, and over a HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS OF MARKET CAP! You will look back and realize what was really happening. Hopefully before you lose ALL YOUR MONEY by mistakenly thinking we are in some sort of a “correction.”


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