Altcoin News – JPMorgan Sued Over Crypto? Ripple Invests $25M, Gaming Industry Set to Boom? EOS News

This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today Mark kicks of todays video by talking technical analysis for Bitcoin and Ethereum. We look at JPMorgan sued over fees for cryptocurrency purchases. Ripples looks to back the next Uber by investing $25 million into a blockchain-focused fund. A New York townhouse is now for sale for $45M in cryptocurrency. It seems a new trend is emerging where gamers and investors bet big on cryptocurrency. EOS price soars as airdrop comes near. We also look at some updates from Verge, No Limit Coin and Waves Platform.


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18 replies
  1. X4 Gaming
    X4 Gaming says:

    My twitter feed was spammed with Donald Trump tweets because you guys went on a spree liking political shit on twitter. Switch to your personal accounts if you want to like 20 trump tweets in a row.

  2. John Crypto
    John Crypto says:

    So excited for the Oyster airdrop snapshot tomorrow. You get Shell coins for every Oyster you own. Great team, product, and they are making their commitments. Good stuff.

  3. MarieS
    MarieS says:

    On one of the AB videos (I think) Jeff mentions an alternative site to coinmarketcap which lists EVENTS. I can't remember or find what this site is. Can someone help me out? Thanks very much.

  4. pc Juggalo
    pc Juggalo says:

    Shit I went huge in on some new shit coin xtl Stelleite coin supposed to be the new verge but only better. lost my ass sold at a loss don't think its ever going up.


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