AltCoin Buzz Podcast Episode 5 – Matt and Jeff Talk Crypto Market Rebound

In this Cryptocurreny Podcast Matt and Jeff discuss the current Crypto Market conditions along with sharing a laugh about the recent feedback we have received over the last week from our friends in the Altcoin Army.


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  1. kyle varanyak
    kyle varanyak says:

    ive been here since these guys had 13k followers. I can sit here and tell you I personally didnt listen to these guys on their calls just cause I was a skeptic but if you listened to all their calls with $1000 investment in each, you would be shocked at the value of those investments if you go back and check some videos. I am in no way rich but ive been able to consistently trade and make money and maintain money throughout the time because of these guys. Being mentally strong is the key and being realistic.

  2. Jake R98
    Jake R98 says:

    Started trading on the 5th of December using what money i had left over from my student loan. With the help of this channel i have already made 10x more thanbi ever thought i would.

    This dip has hit me hard, but just staying strong and waiting for it to bounce back (and even with the dip i am still at more than what thought i could ever make)

  3. miximup
    miximup says:

    EDU coin is giving away 88 tokens(around 15$) , no registration is needed, just join their telegram group.
    This is my referall link, I would appreciate if anyone can take the time to join.
    Also for each person who joins via your referall link, you recieve another 88 tokens.

    Best regards to all

  4. cmdrhunt
    cmdrhunt says:

    I like this kind of back and forth, unstructured hour long podcast. Please keep this going. It is some welcomed levity among all the FUD going around this bear market.

  5. Max Mas
    Max Mas says:

    True its really weird how the markets can drop and surge at the same time all at once its like all whales are working together its crazy but fffffk it,,,, hopefully in a few years we will be in the green big time. The only way you can look at is is buy buy at a low no other choice. I got into this since before November i look at the charts and its crazy. But its crazy to see how quick things can change up and down exciting stuff.

  6. web coin
    web coin says:

    Senator Carol Blood @senatorblood

    Attention all blockchain & smart contracts supporters. We need your help. Press conference promoting our bills/cause in capital rotunda on Feb. 7th @ 12:05 p.m. Call 402-471-2627 'cuz we want you there to speak/support or email me #blockchaintechnology#teamblood

    What do you all make of the above? I think U.S crypto users should get involved in the politics to keep Crypto alive and well….

  7. Boondog Saints
    Boondog Saints says:

    Market is horrible again. Like for further drops coming soon. Perhaps by June things turn around. But look for nasty rest of winter and spring btc drops to $4k…at least!

  8. Blake Stalnecker
    Blake Stalnecker says:

    I can only really speak for myself, as someoneone who got into the market in December, this rough patch hasn't really bothered me for a few reasons. First and foremost is I believe in crypto and blockchain, unruly believe it's the future and it's here to stay. Secondly I've had channels like this to keep me level headed and give a little insight. Just wanna say thanks to the altcoin buzz team!

  9. Kenneth Buyle
    Kenneth Buyle says:

    Guys, don't let nobody tell you that you don't do a good job with this channel! you are doing a great job for crypto enthousiasts that wanna learn more and do their own research afterwards, not for lazy people that just think that you are their personal advisors and after a few days complain that a coin that you talked about is down… there will always be some of those, don't mind them… You are delivering such great value for me and a lot of people!!! Thanks!

  10. Larry Puckett
    Larry Puckett says:

    You all should do this Live on YouTube on or off camera but gotta get chat going for these talks. Also maybe put wallet addresses below so I can use some crypto and get the Super Chat going so we can donate through the chat for questions.


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