South Korea Exchange Situation Update

Heading over to South Korea

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25 replies
  1. Top M
    Top M says:

    Please help me

    my all bitcoin loss I don't no what i do please help me

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  2. Huu Toan Nguyen
    Huu Toan Nguyen says:

    Thank for your video. I don’t think that we should worry much about South Korean Exchange rumor because a representative of President Moon Jae-in told a Korean media that the Justice Ministry’s position does not reflect that of the entire government. Until now, we are no closer to knowing exactly what will Korea take next. Don’t be optimistic. You said what I wanna say dude! ICO is risky at some points. Therefore, new projects are trying to get rid of it. For an example, we have DeepOnion. No ICO means free coin distribution. It is also a potential privacy coin beside Monero, or Dash. Its community is growing bigger after few months. DeepOnion price pumped up huge in just 3 months.

  3. Basilico Danbury
    Basilico Danbury says:

    Hey mikel can u or anyone in this page help me my Bittrex account was hacked I don’t have access it’s asking me for a six digit code which I never had I’m trying to get in touch with Bittrex and no luck anyone can advise me what to do ? Please

  4. Noel Guiot
    Noel Guiot says:

    On top of Korea fudding there is also China fudding with vice-governor of the central bank of China saying he wants new regulations banning centralized exchanges. I think regulations will only strengthen crypto-currencies in the end but the markets are interpreting all these news in a very pessimistic way. As a Rothschild always says : "The time to buy is when there's blood in the streets". Buy Bitcoin, buy Neo, buy DeepOnion, buy anything you believe in. 😉

  5. Bene Zim
    Bene Zim says:

    The Korea FUD is an extremely bullish signal for anonymous coins for me. I am racking up on a few anonymous coins as we speak.
    You said research ICOs – what do you think about projects with anonymous developers? I like DeepOnion, the tech looks sound and it has a real low coin supply. They have just published their wallpaper and a strong community backing the project.
    Enjoy Korea.


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