ICOs And Token Sales

This month we are noticing an extremely crazy market for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Token Sales. This area is very controversial because the amount of money raised, attract both talented entrepreneurs and opportunistic scammers. I voice some of my thought ICOs and Token Sales.

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37 replies
  1. Bojan Breberina
    Bojan Breberina says:

    Hi, great content! Can you explain in next video why protocols are so hard to build? I didn't understand, does every coin has its protocol? I hope that other people would video with some technical details in it 🙂

  2. Christian Joy de Guito
    Christian Joy de Guito says:

    Hi, any idea when ethereum will be available in the Philippines? it's getting higher each time, hope we will not be too late to invest in Ether..coz as of now we do not have an e-wallet yet for Ether..😭

  3. AseasRoa
    AseasRoa says:

    No project needs funding, ever. Serious projects always started from 0, with lots of passion. Those millions of dollars are killing all the passion and there is not a chance for something to grow.

  4. Collarge
    Collarge says:

    Would be interesting to know which one of the crypto pharmaceutical companies have contracts already with hospitals or medical companies, I am thinking of Patientory, Dynamic of Bowhead?

  5. TheJaseku
    TheJaseku says:

    Wanna have it easy? IOTA risies steady with 5-20% per day. It is superior to all coins but not many get it yet. Just like with Bitcoin 2011. It is so next level, it invented something better than the Blockchain, the Tangle. + No mining requiered (no CO^2 waste by all the mining PCs), no fees, scalability, quantum computing restistend, the faster the more people make transactions per second, internet of things in mind. It's simply the answer to all problems of Bitcoin and fucking more.

  6. David H
    David H says:

    Can you make a video on Polybius Bank? PLBT is the coin. ICO has had over 25K participants and raised $40,000,000 after the rise in cryto values yet Polybius is pretty unheard of. Thanks!

  7. Anuj Khatri
    Anuj Khatri says:

    I have lately been following you, the information that you share is invaluable. Thanks

    I want you to talk about ICONOMI, for a novice into crypto currency what would you suggested. Should one invest in ICNX DAA to gain from pool of multiple options available?

  8. mc 74 Two
    mc 74 Two says:

    With a lot of them (ICO's) I'm left feeling that the ICO it's self will make more money than the business it's intended to start could ever make. ie any excuse to have an ICO.


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