Daily: Bullish Senate hearing sends Bitcoin Flying

Market Rapidly Rebounds after positive response to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the US senate Hearing. CFTC chair Chris Giancarlo strongly defended the crypto space.
1:21 US Senate Hearing takes Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies seriously.
3:10 ICOs regulation warnings.

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31 replies
  1. Jeffery Stone
    Jeffery Stone says:

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  2. TRe' CooL
    TRe' CooL says:

    It doent sent it flying. It is doing a correction. Now an ABC move. When it will finish C move it will fall again to 6k.
    News dont move the price. Because elite/big boys control tha market and news

  3. Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury says:

    Bitcoin is ponzy scheme ,an ecological disaster ,a well orchestrated puppet show .Did anyone noticed that ETH is exactly 1/10 the price of BTC since days ago ?? how is that possible ? i think somebody is calibrating that trading bot. the BOT 😉

  4. Just MeMe
    Just MeMe says:

    You YT crypto guys should run counter-argument videos toward that "Wolf of Wall Street" viral video.
    Ivan on Tech touched on it briefly, but it might be better to go from bullet point to bullet point.

  5. Metal Piece
    Metal Piece says:

    can you do me a favor? make a video where you say this:

    "Good morning ladies and gentlemen I am mister egg shen with this wonderful tour this morning sit back and enjoy yourself."

  6. Antemasq
    Antemasq says:

    Box Army added to the terrorist group watchlist, the year is 2045 cryptojihadism is the now the new face of terror but we are in the moon now and we can hide in our own bunkers away from the fallout

  7. Infor Mation
    Infor Mation says:

    I now belive it's been 3-4 months of positive manipulation.
    Not long before the huge rise in price Trump declares "Quiet before the storm"… then Crypto prices take off.. getting it in to the media at the right time.. Thanks giving etc… Then we have the long dip… allowing for those who now have done the research, registered on CB and hopefully increased their buying limits to get ok hands in to the market at a fair price…
    Then we have lots of media coverage of huge losses in crypto, a mini crash in the stock markets and the senate has a positive angle on the crypto matter. Those who get it will hopefully be going in heavy.. add on a possible CB SegWit announcement in the next few weeks and we are off to the races…
    Crypto is the only way to move out of the old Fractional reserve FIAT system and over to something better in todays Just In Time global economic world.
    Gold and silver would not work in the world of today.
    But, it could not happen to quick or the prices would leave most people out.
    BTC will take off again, the alts will trail and show the world crypto is not dead, will not die and has some positive backing form the US senate…
    Enjoy 2018… it will change lots of lives for the better.

  8. Ninu Pop
    Ninu Pop says:

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    Just wanted to share what i found;)

  9. dillon goof
    dillon goof says:

    Have you ever played lineage 2? If so you understand how corrupt and price gouging the current mmo market is and i'm a huge believer in decentralized and smart contract trading in video games. This is HUGE imo! I can't tell you how many time's I've seen people scammed or swindled out of money due to malicious behavior and greed. Is enji coin the only coin that you suggest in regards to this type of market? are they going to fufill the Asian market as well? is there going to be something similar to epicnpc?

  10. Khari Washington
    Khari Washington says:

    Michael also brought up another good point the other day. When people say they see promise in block-chain technology but don't like the idea of cryptocurrency, they are as of now fundamentally not understanding how cryptography and game theory are working in this space. incentivizing good actors and de-incentivizing bad actors for the health and security of the block-chain is for now fundamental to the system.

  11. Khari Washington
    Khari Washington says:

    One issue countries are going to continue to have is that they want to regulate all ICOs but when an ICO isn't held in your country, it is going to be hard to regulate it. After the coins are given to "accredited" investors or given to investors in a country that doesn't have regulation, it is impossible to stop those coins from being transferred to others. I guess they can make exchanges only offer coins to trade that are registered in the nation of the traders citzenship, therefore clamping down some but that is all I see. Another issue is many coins aren't companies. They are launched by non profits whose founders might hold some "premined" coins but there isn't a company to go after. There is no central authority who these investors are investing in. The coin itself is the investment. The collective network is promising to do something together.

  12. Nevena Markovic
    Nevena Markovic says:

    Thank you for making this great video! This info is really crucial for all us interested in crypto. The news about the US Senate not making negative comments about crypto cheered me up, but China surprises me for still being against cryptocurrencies. Still, so glad that BItcoin and other altcoins are rebounding, since I recently invested in some privacy coins like NAV, DeepOnion and Zoin. Acting like gold here, Bitcoin's growth pulls every coin with it, so I really hope that more goverments and officials will take crypto seriously.


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