Daily: Bitcoin Rally! EOS losing momentum? Chinese Censorship

0:48 Market Recap – Bitcoin Rally.
1:34 EOS Fever Dying?
4:11 South Korea to Regulate & Legalize Crypto
4:50 Goldman: $4000 BTC?
5:25 China Spotlight – 8BTC Unavailable. ICP license
Giveaway – Boxmining.com/giveaway
8:10 Upgrade Time

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50 replies
  1. John Bird
    John Bird says:

    Presumably the demand to buy EOS direct from the source could drop considerably in a few months time. Do you think that if the demand to buy from source reduces by say 50% in time the the USA $ price will go down if there is less interest in buying the coin direct from EOS?

  2. Sergey S
    Sergey S says:

    "With the firewall China is censoring hard political subjects", oh really? Are you chinese yourself? So facebook, twitter, youtube and many other sites are VERY political for sure. Nice of you living in US and still defending China, while billions of ppl in China dont even have a right to free speech. Damn, that triggered me 🙂

  3. WVM
    WVM says:

    Rally? Lol, No way…. Bitcoin is at $2560 and has been there for weeks now, it's fluctuated between $2300 and $2600. I am kind of surprised @boxmining that you are saying it's a rally for Bitcoin, a rally would have been something as if it went to $2800 which it hasn't seen in weeks. I am more surprised that you are stating the "rally" is causing the market to go up, other coins are standing on their own, the time of Bitcoin dominance is coming to an end. For new investors it makes sense to invest in newer more innovative coins. https://steemit.com/@wvm

  4. J. J.
    J. J. says:

    Hi I absolutely love your material– as I am very new to this I was wondering if you could you an intro video to trading for "beginners".. you make it all so easy to understand and it would be such a treat to have a video like that.. thank you in advance julie

  5. fittutube
    fittutube says:

    Please make a video explaining the "chinese only" traded coins, which many of them are not even listed on coinmarketcap. Are they competitors to ANS or Lomocoin? For example Asch is also a platform for making blockchain applications same as ANS.

  6. FØx
    FØx says:

    I reckon the first day of EOS ICO was the worst time to buy, too many people sharing too few coins. Better to buy in a few months when the hype has died down a little bit and you can gets loads of tokens for cheap.

  7. Luka M
    Luka M says:

    can you show us how to claim BTC from coinbase multisig vault? I tried their step by step, but it shows BTC Balance 0 always. On coinbase I see my BTC though

  8. Chris Ryan
    Chris Ryan says:

    Hay, thanks for your content and in helping me getting up to speed!
    made my 1st payment to genesis – 15 Mh of X11 using your code.
    my 3% off code for your draw – 6Zbe1o – TzarZen
    Thanks again Mr Box Miner!

  9. Shalom Dunn
    Shalom Dunn says:

    Mike B FYI, I've started negotiations with one of the largest exchanges in the world (in the top ten, and very well respected) weeks ago and there are VERI interested. I present to the executive board (the guys tasked with saying yes) later this month.
    There's also some killer products for the very big boys (minimum $2 million or so) in the works slated to launch in the very short term.
    So, as you can see, we're working and although it would be good to have a crypto exchange list us, it's not mandatory. We've applied twice to every large exchange out there. They have until September, then we self list on our own exchange venture in Jamaica which will be fully regulated and have the blessing of central bank and other regulators (fingers crossed). It will also be the best capitalized digital asset exchange in the world.
    If negotiations go well, the second venture will launch which will put it listing in the top ten largest global exchanges in the world. Both will have a slew of innovative products immediately. Reggie Middleton of the VERI token


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