Consolidating into Quality?

The past two months have been absolutely brutal if you’ve been long on the crypto markets. Today, the entire market is down about 10% across the board, with some cryptocurrencies down over 80% from their all time highs established back in December/January. Let’s talk about why consolidating into the “high quality” projects might be something to consider, as well as Bittrex exchange de-listings and more.

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  1. lordzej 750 mph
    lordzej 750 mph says:

    I said a month ago that these youtubers don't know crypto or how money works! Everything has been hitting lower highs and it's not going to get better, stop hodling and buying! Take your money out and shift to penny stocks! They don't crash as hard and by now we are all use to losing money in a hour and it takes days for stocks to crash hundreds of dollars! A stock goes down $50 on a day it's a crash! Bitcoin can drop 500 in a hour lol

  2. David Goldsmith
    David Goldsmith says:


  3. Vernon Wenberg
    Vernon Wenberg says:

    Bittrex already delisted those coins. They are removing the wallets because among other things, they were already dead. You spent several minutes on this to back up your argument but you didn't even read the post fully. If you can't do the basics, how can anyone trust anything else you say? Unsubbed.

  4. Aaron Maughan
    Aaron Maughan says:

    This makes a lot of sense, that the market is consolidating and quality projects will be coming to the fore. The whole gold rush feel of the crypto market is passing and we are all maturing a bit as it does.

  5. Ken Semotiuk
    Ken Semotiuk says:

    Crypto knobby, everybody with any brains left, should get out of cryptos especially bitcoin, it's lost 62% of its value or just over $12,000 in three months, if that were a stock in the stock market that would considered a crash ?
    Snowflake's 🐑 people and Muppets, cut you're crypto losses and get out now!

  6. Jeffrie Baer
    Jeffrie Baer says:

    It's going to get a little worse before it get's better. We are just in a Crypto Winter. Bitcoin was only $966 last year. This is the time of year that interest drops. Even more so in the next few months. It would be very safe to say that only around 2% of the US understands Bitcoin. I talk to a lot of people and the other day a lady said "Bit what? Let me write that down and ask my daughter." John McAfee is correct. It will exceed all time highs. We just need to make more people aware.
    We may not even see much happen until somewhere between September to October. Just HODL and buy up the good deals. The time will come.

  7. robert kotroczo
    robert kotroczo says:

    I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on why Ethereum was never mentioned in your video as a "quality" project. The whole erc20 token space is based on it. Do you make the assumption that it all goes away or shifts to a different platform? If so, how come ADA or NEO aren't mentioned as they are direct competitors. Thx!

  8. Linn Redinger
    Linn Redinger says:

    Bobby you need to be more positive in this buyers market. Sale prices on great projects. Maybe you’re a bit too overtired to be positive about the many great coins out there

  9. Dano 1000
    Dano 1000 says:

    I believe that we have a infrastructure issue. Crypto needs an exchange system, decentralized or not that anyone can use. Now you basicly need to be an I T person to buy and sell.

  10. GameDude
    GameDude says:

    I still haven’t sold been in for the bull run and the crash. I been moving my assets from the xvg and trx’s that made me 20x in December and January to the top coins. Neo, LTC, EOS, XLM, Steem, Ven, and a couple more new projects but real small stakes

  11. Andreas M
    Andreas M says:

    Let's not forget Electroneum is a Monero fork…a hidden gem in 2018-2019 going forward, a micro-transaction of Monero much like Litecoin to Bitcoin

  12. kevin vt
    kevin vt says:

    You people crack me up. Everything fluctuates day-night, warm-cold, sunny-dark, hot-cold, the housing market, employment, oil, gold, American dollar. There is no doom and gloom (unless your a day trader) This drop is healthy plus maybe it will shake loose some of the crap coins and let the good ones shine through. Don't worry Bit coin and other platform coins will make you wealthy in a couple of years just hold on.

  13. OTT2OWN
    OTT2OWN says:

    New Subscriber here: Can you please make a video talking about the top 10 or 20 cryptos that you firmly believe are the most legitimate projects that will stand the test of time and are the safest bets?

  14. sopheap727
    sopheap727 says:

    Thoughts on Monero getting taken down by coincheck. I think a lot of exchanges will take down privacy coins because of the dark web factor. Japan was just the tip of the iceberg i think

  15. Cryptocoin Kiwi
    Cryptocoin Kiwi says:

    Could they de-list Monero simply because it is too private? (I don't own Monero)

    How would you judge de-listability?
    Is it simply tokens that would be considered securities?

  16. David Mendoza
    David Mendoza says:

    Do you think its the players from CME futures manipulating the markets? Wasn't the minimum to buy in 100 K? If they have this kind of power to play with, maybe they are manipulating the market to make their shorts come true…

  17. 1987Mikeys
    1987Mikeys says:

    Guys Bobby is good but Beadles is GREAT checkout Crypto Beadles this dude is the man! Seriously this is not spamming this is just me sharing an awesome find! Just type in Crypto Beadles, you can thank me later.

  18. chris m
    chris m says:

    Thanks for the video. You really have me thinking about my portfolio. I’m 90%, or more, in what I think are good projects. In this order. ETH, BTC, LTC, ICX, XRM, DASH, BNB, NEO, OMG and the last 10% in some much more speculative plays. I love what they’re doing though. AST, REN, HACKEN, MWAT, POWR, QSP, SNM, AION, DRGN,ADA and TRON. The only one I’m thinking about selling is TRON. But then TRON has a huge fan club and following. I’m just going to hold. I might turn off my computer for a month and let the cards fall where they do. Lol.

  19. Jay Dee
    Jay Dee says:

    Monero and other “privacy” coins are the next on the firing squad when more regulations come out in 2018. The government wants transparency, not privacy and Monero et al are next in the line of fire. Wouldn’t touch them.


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