Bitcoin hits $4,000.. NEO won't stop rising and how to resist the urge to trade

Bitcoin has been crushing it in August, rising over $4,000 for the first time ever. NEO is now a top-5 market cap coin, rising incredible from below $10 to over $50!

How should you play these massive moves with Bitcoin and NEO?

Also, if you are having the temptation to sell and trade more often than you’d really like, I’d definitely recommend a Ledger Nano S.

It’ll help secure your crypto, as well as make it much more difficult to satisfy those short term trading urges that can really hurt your long-term gains.

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  1. Daniel Aragüete
    Daniel Aragüete says:

    Hey Crypto Bobby! Nice video mate.
    I have a question refering to the Ledger.
    If you hostage your NEO in a Ledger, will you still earn dividends from the proof of stake?
    Are we obligated to keep the Shares in the client wallet?

    Thank you so much, and keep doing what you do!

    Cheers !

  2. Robert L
    Robert L says:

    Thanks for advise, I just bought a Ledger, and it is a great device, plus it is a great way to show it off to people, telling them that's how I keep my monies. I agree with you on the temptation factor, it is too easy to make emotional trades when having all that stash ready to trade. Thanks for sharing!

  3. chetan gandhi
    chetan gandhi says:

    i believe the below metioned comment from you is about which tokens would rise or fall,haven't been through it though yet,however i would like to know which currencies according to you will gain good spot by this december,,i liked your opion,subscribed already,,,hope to see some good positive advice from your end,,have a good one

  4. Crypto Stacker
    Crypto Stacker says:

    Just wait until EOS has its day in the sun. buy now while its cheep. if you are concerned about the 2mil coming on the market each day during the long crowd scale, think again. This will give inertia and stability to the price. It won't just "pop" and fizzle. It will rise in price like a massive tidal surge that won't recede.

  5. Peace+Opportunity
    Peace+Opportunity says:

    bitcoin is a highly volatile digital asset making it a high risk investment and just like any other investment in a bubble there will be a lot of losers, also it will never be a useful currency as a fluctuation of 50% in a 2 day period makes it useless as a currency not to mention business has not embraced it as a payment form

  6. A. X.
    A. X. says:

    "Be greedy when others are fearful, be fearful when others are greedy" – Warren Buffett. All of us have lost money, fewer of us will admit it: Respect for your honesty Bobby.

  7. eakerz
    eakerz says:

    We hodlers are gonna be the Neo Rich 🙂
    In all honesty anything can happen and will, the potential is there for sure.. time will tell .. NEO wake up 😛

  8. Adrian Sam
    Adrian Sam says:

    Got into Neo, as well as BNB (Binance coin) – both have huge potential at current prices. Neo likely to be at ethereum prices in 2017 to 2018. BNB which can be purchased on binance has the potential to be $10, glad I got into this. This is all based on my own research and is of course my opinion.

  9. whizkid
    whizkid says:

    I kinda doubt that people who are shouting "sell" out loud are selling themselves.. there are not many reasons why anyone should say that in general, so it's either because they've lost a load of money and misery does love company, OR they're really trying hard to influence the market and buy a shitload as soon as the price drops enough. So either way, taking financial advice from the masses is probably the worst thing anyone could ever do, because it all goes down to trust. It's like asking a million strangers to tell you if you can trust this person, or who to marry, why would you do that?


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