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  1. Shelley Fowler
    Shelley Fowler says:

    Soooo sorry your identity was used for scamming purposes! People should also notice the time frame the scammer is actively communicating with you, or not. For example, a crypto friend of mine was scammed by some Nigerians. Yes, their written English poor at best, but they also tended to go silent around 7 p.m EST (midnight in Nigeria) because of the 5 hour time difference.

  2. Francis Lavars
    Francis Lavars says:

    Crypto Tips <>
    24 Jul (5 days ago)
    to me
    Hi Subscriber,
    I just want to take this time out to say a big thank you for every supportive comments you have given me, for hitting the LIKE botton, for staying subscribed to my channel and for the numerous views i keep getting for each video. I hope you follow most of my advice on each video. I have very good feeling about the market in July, I would tell you why.
    I still have many more amazing stuffs for you all. In more interesting news, I am thinking of sharing a really simple way to make 1% of your investment as daily profits. One of the key reasons why i made this caption "NEVER LOSE MONEY EVEN WHEN YOU LOSE".
    I would explain in details if you would like. This is something really cool.
    Expect more posts soon.
    Regards I received this email recently…. I wonder if it is a scam ? hmmm!!! Difficult one……I wonder ….
    OF COURSE IT IS A SCAM…. Pls be aware of the plague of scammers

  3. Lisa Thurman-Kazempour
    Lisa Thurman-Kazempour says:

    I wasn't scammed over telegram or Twitter but through a guy I met on Facebook who alleged to work for a now discovered fake company who still has a functioning website. He went by the name Lee Richard Bradford and the fake company website is Eminence Investors.

  4. King Animal
    King Animal says:

    The WHOLE crypto space is FULL of f'n scammers/losers. We Bitcoin "maximalists" sit upon our Mt. Olympus and look down from our impregnable fortress with utter disdain upon those who think there is such as thing as a "free lunch." There isn't. The sheeple are being educated by being exposed to the wolves among us. HODLin' Bitcoin is the winning move.

  5. Kermit
    Kermit says:

    I think your fan base is well aware of your personality type and demeanour. Don’t be to stressed thinking this has affected your reputation.

  6. Tom Guliano
    Tom Guliano says:

    Ur no scammer.i can tell that far as giving money to someone that maybe i know even alittle bit maybe.they r not getting if one of my peoples that i know,true true friends,which i can count on my hands.then ill be there for them.but nobody gets my $$. NEVER SCAMMED. Peace n much respect

  7. Adam Shepherd
    Adam Shepherd says:

    If this person had their own ICO, wouldn't they have been well versed with crypto scams? I realized that some of the scams are very elaborate, but not this one. I really have a hard time feeling sorry for this person.

  8. RingleaderMane
    RingleaderMane says:

    I do some management for several ICOs and impersonators of crypto influencers is a common thing in Telegram. But this could've been all avoided with common sense:

    1. Check username (if their username is @Crypt0_Tips1, probably fake)
    2. Ask them where they'll 'advertise' the ICO and ask the scammer to DM you from the OFFICIAL Twitter/Youtuber account. This has always worked and I never hear any followup from the scammer.

    Again, feel bad for the guy, but usually influencers don't go to the ICO Telegram Groups and post a public message saying:

    'Hi there! I have a following of ## thousand members and would love to advertise your project, [Insert Project Here], DM me for prices!'

    C'mon ICOs, be better.

  9. Exciting World Cryptos
    Exciting World Cryptos says:

    it is too bad people have to pretend to be someone else in this area, this is what scares people out of crypto, not what we want in this area, anyways thanks for the awareness, sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos

  10. MCS Mail
    MCS Mail says:

    Scams also abound all over the web. Many are advertised on Facebook as well., a so called investment club supposedly located in England, is just one. The scam involves investing as small as $10, build up interest 120%/day. Reinvesting and withdraw first time with no problem. Then repeat and build to higher amount, such as $200. Pending withdrawal with no return. Then support starts saying need to invest $200 in next level to activate withdrawal. Then no return, but story repeats that need $500 because each level has limits of number of investments, etc. No return. Then story goes up that 3rd level has to be activated, which requires minimum investment of $1000. By this time, one would have invested $1700. All support chats are very sincere, etc. Of course, I doubt too many people would go along, but the program,, is still online.

  11. Leonard King
    Leonard King says:

    Use common sense everyone crypto tips you have good information to help to advise people which I already know you should just leave it to the pros to do and enjoy your lifestyle vacation Stop trying to make money off of people to get bitcoin by covering up a link to Coinbase and Robinhood which they can go directly to the site on there own also your trying to make money off of people which they can do the research themselves all you do is travel with your rich parents money and think you know everything about the market


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