Decentralized Computing and the Problems With Internet Centralization. Feat. Golem

In this video, Kunal explains the major issues with centralized computing and makes the case for decentralized computing. Featured in this video is Golem, a decentralized supercomputer project.

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  1. Viktron Vv
    Viktron Vv says:

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  2. Andrew leo McHarrison
    Andrew leo McHarrison says:

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  3. Aus G Crypto
    Aus G Crypto says:

    Might be time for u guys to hit up colx and get them on explaining what their doing.

    I know jeff talked about them last year then last time so guy talking pump and dump and crap on it.

    P2p centralised computing with i2p layer aswell.

  4. Crypto Ninja
    Crypto Ninja says:

    Jeff made a video a few months ago saying he thought SONM was much better tech than Golem and that SONM also has more potential. Do you also agree with Jeff? I personally prefer SONM now.


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