Bitcoin ROCKETS Past $7,000

The Bitcoin rocket ship has once again blasted off, this time past $7,000. Will the B2X fork finally stop the rise, and breathe some life back into altcoins after the fork? Today I talk about the strategies I’m thinking about for the next few weeks and how you can properly play BTC’s incredible rise.

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29 replies
  1. bigriyf
    bigriyf says:

    If I buy in now (bitcoin) at less than market price and the market increases can I sell back for a profit? If so, how? Please illustrate. I tried this with $300.00 worth of bitcoin when the market was at $7000 and it was rejected. I'm just not sure if I tried to sell back correctly using GDAX. I'm new to this but trying to follow your lead. email:

  2. James Chapeton
    James Chapeton says:

    hey bobby I want to talk to u about a move I want to do these coming days I have some bitcoin profit should I pull out and put it in the bank as I wait for the drop? as in pull all I have? I will just take your advice with a grain of salt don't worry

  3. mike197606
    mike197606 says:

    Love the shows but wish you could shorten it up to maybe 10 mins. Anything past that I start to get like come on get to it already. But if this is working for you then do your thing my man. Like the video though

  4. Mark Scott
    Mark Scott says:

    Bought my first bitcoin Tuesday and Wednesday on coinbase. Looking forward to learning different strategies on how to trade in and out of BTC and alt coins. This is going to be fun!

  5. Dwayne Cunningham
    Dwayne Cunningham says:

    I think we are due for a market pull back with BTC, HAVING SAID THAT I refuse to bet on that. I have already said that same thing before and then watched BTC rise ever higher despite my best guess at its ceiling.

    At this point, and with the general public's ever growing knowledge of BTC in particular, I really refuse to doubt its ability to reach new high highs. I really cant believe Im saying this but I would not be at all surprised if we were over $10,000 before end of December.

  6. Dadzcoin
    Dadzcoin says:

    Hey from Colorado, Bobby! I'm a newbie that has only been in since September and am having a hell of a great time! You alluded to it in this video, but I'm sure that many of us agree that there will be a Bitcoin pullback following B2X. Can you pass along some info concerning what specific Alts you might see as jumping after the fork? This newbie (me) hasn't figured out the "pairing" you mentioned in this video.

  7. John Wood
    John Wood says:

    What would you say to people, such as those at the economist, who believe the bit coin rise is just a bubble, bound to crash big time soon? What makes you think that's not true?


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