Is DAOstack the Hottest CRYPTO Project of 2018?

Daostack (GEN) is currently trading below ICO price and we think this might be due to ICO bonuses and lack of their lock-in period and it is not uncommon for us to see the same happening to several good projects.

In the video, we explain about the project and what it intends to do and some possible concerns.

However, we are bullish on the project and think it has great potential in the long run if they can accomplish their goals and now might be a good time to know more about Daostack and in the video, we tell you all about it.

“It’s my own opinion and I am not an investment advisor and this is not financial advice. Do your due diligence and consult a financial advisor.” – Mattie


Links used:

On IDEX Exchange


DAOstack Overview Deck

DAOstack web site

Introducing DAOstack (video)

An Explanation of DAOstack in Fairly Simple Terms

Alchemy Demo #2 – DAOstack / Matan Field – ETHCC excerpt

AMA: 3.1.2018 – Video AMA with Matan Field

DAOstack Q&A

DAOstack ICO Review And GEN Token Analysis

The Wisdom of Crowds and Bean Jar Experiments


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23 replies
  1. Rosa Hernandez
    Rosa Hernandez says:

    Early this week i met Brandon Gaston, he taught me how to trade and make profits, with $2000 i made $15,500 a week, amazing right? you guys can contact him also on whatsapp messenger, Telegram or skype at +1 781 720 7209 or facebook at Brandon Eckhoff Gaston.

  2. R A
    R A says:

    I was really keen to invest in DAO stack but i spoke with my financial advisor and he warned me not to. Apparently it is really high risk and you could lose it all.

  3. Off thecuff
    Off thecuff says:

    Very good video, glad to see tips paying off. I really think the market is ready to turn a corner, I've been researching and buying things that I think are undervalued all week, bought Neo and DeepOnion today and Zcash yesterday. Spending a lot of time researching but I think it will be worth it.

  4. Modern Crypto
    Modern Crypto says:

    CHECK OUT SCROLL TOKEN!! ICO RIGHT NOW! US Based, complaint with SEC regulations so even US citizens can invest, Partnership with Microsoft, They’re storing enterprise data on chain! They’re the cloud and Dropbox on steroids but everything is completely stored on chain! The first to do this!!!! This is going to be the next biggest movement in crypto they already have a working product and DApp being developed! Their TPS is already breaking records and this isn’t financial TPS I’m talking DATA TPS. Their twitter just had another announcement today! GOING TO THE MOON 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  5. BayAreaLen Classic
    BayAreaLen Classic says:

    Sorry guys, this sounds way too "big brother" to me. The moment the video narrator referred to "climate" was when I tuned out. Global warming is pure bullsh-t and so is Daostack. As a crypto community, we all must be careful as globalist powers begin to sneak into the crypto space.


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