Top Crypto Rated by Weiss Ratings – Get your Pitchforks Ready

Weiss Ratings, an independent ratings agency, just released their first ever cryptocurrency ratings for many of the top cryptoassets. You might be surprised to see some of your favorite crypto with low rankings, and some you probably don’t expect, with solid ratings. Let’s talk about what this means, why you should take it with a grain of salt and why many in the crypto twitter world are ripping it to shreds.

PDF was taken down and put behind a paywall, but now it’s circulating Twitter:

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45 replies
  1. Fedor Chalov
    Fedor Chalov says:

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  2. Jonathan groberg
    Jonathan groberg says:

    Would be interesting to see their criteria. I do think the ones they gave b's belong there at the top. I personally rated those ones coins to survive a crash. But everything else is very iffy; flawed criteria . No matter what regulation is put in place, even a ban. Privacy coins will never die.

  3. Zack Seifert
    Zack Seifert says:

    Digibyte should b e rated higher, especially seeing that it has a very high transfer rate and the lowest transfer cost. the only thing I think that would make it better is a lower cap on coins.

  4. As men
    As men says:

    they said XRP is heavily centralized they said… Steem has a website running live on a blockchain, and steem gets as many transactions as the top 4 coins… Steem is a sick sick coin.

  5. Rob Ellsworth
    Rob Ellsworth says:

    Are the ratings supposed to indicate whether it is a good investment at the current price or not. So they may consider Some overvalued and others undervalued based on other assets with similar features?

  6. Phil Ellett
    Phil Ellett says:

    Based on GDAX's 1D Chart ETC/BTC Ethereum has pulled a 4x against ETC since Dec 7th – Whilst it has flat-lined against BTC for the past few days wishI had put my BTC money into ETC instead since Dec 7. Not bad!!

  7. Christian Noone
    Christian Noone says:

    Just shows how little people have researched into Crypto when they’re shocked at these results. The only two altcoins I’ve invested in are EOS and ETH. Pays to do your research. Educate yourselves before following the crowd

  8. Benjamin I.
    Benjamin I. says:

    Bitcoin seems to have alot of sentimental value to you old fellas, it's what you made your money off of and now I hear alot of channels pumping it. But there main argument is it is "the gold" of crypto. Ethereum has more upside and it will eventually over take bitcoin.


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