Cryptocurrency Round up eBoost and B3 Coin With Tron Update

Here is a cryptocurrency round up from around the altcoin space. These coins are coming in straight off of the Altcoin Buzz Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Raghunath Reddy
    Raghunath Reddy says:

    Hi Altcoin Buzz…..B3 team had sent 1000X KB3 coins to my wallet by mistake. I have refunded all the KB3 coins immediately to them the moment they requested me to refund. Did I do the right thing ? Had I retained those coins, I would have probably had 8 BTC….huge huge huge. Now I requested them to reward me with atleast 5% of what they would have lost. I'm still waiting for their response. It is a test of morality of B3 team

  2. Kris D
    Kris D says:!!!!!
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  3. Russianm0fia
    Russianm0fia says:

    Having doubts about B3coin. I bought about $60 worth on coin exchange, then I downloaded the b3 wallet (latest wallet from their new site), but 2 days later after sending the coins from coin exchange to their wallet they still haven't arrived. The only evidence I ever even had them is on coin exchange, saying the transfer was completed. Their wallet has no trace of the transfer ever happening and they haven't responded back to me on Twitter.

    Its safer to hold them on the exchange vs. sending them to their wallet in my opinion.
    $60 + $20 in bitcoin fees isn't the end of the world, especially since it's profit money, but this marked my first "loss" in the cryptocurrency market.
    Hopefully they respond and it will be possible to recover the coins.

    Just sharing my experience with this coin.

  4. Jj Torres
    Jj Torres says:

    TRON will recover. It has a better developer team than most coins, they have 10 year plan, the creator by himself is amazing. Nothing but positive things coming from them so not worried at all 😁

  5. Super Shmeep
    Super Shmeep says:

    @ Altcoin Buzz
    The wallets for B3 had issues and coins got locked up. Also had people claiming they weren't able to receive coins I think from staking rewards. So I'm guessing that's what the dump was until they had repaired it recently. YoBit's wallet is still locked up in fact and coinsmarkets exchange barely works. .-. Many reasons for the weird price fluctuations atm.

  6. BitWest222
    BitWest222 says:

    Hey thanks for the grounded info, as always. I agree with your apprehension with investing in these small coins. To add to the convo, here's a quick note about B3, from my recent observations on CoinMC data. One thing to note is that the market info for B3 switched today. They switched the * Price/Volume exclusions today, so that's why the price and trading volume looks dramatic on the Line Chart. Before today, the CoinExchange data was excluded… and they switched it today to have the YoBit data excluded (which is how it probably should've been all along). I do hold a small bit of B3 as a potential sleeper, and I noticed last week that the YoBit price had a pump to 200 satoshis, while the CoinExchange B3 didn't get above 4 satoshis. The YoBit B3 wallet isn't functioning though, so you can't deposit any B3 into your YoBit wallet from CoinExchange… which is why the price gap existed between the two platforms. They're executing a 1000x coin supply reduction over the next month, and the B3 with become kB3, so we'll see what happens when that all happens. Cheers.

  7. Da G Mo
    Da G Mo says:

    Ignorance is rampant here. When you are dealing with coins worth less than a penny .. they are only listed on 2nd Tiered Exchanges obviously until Binance or the like lists them. So, do your due diligence and go to look at the markets where volume is HIGHEST. That's a HUGE indicator where people are successfully trading and on the CORRECT blockchain. Avoid Yobit like the plague. Shit. .. I remember Eth when it was a baby .. was listed on Cryptopia then they got delisted. In due time B3 will be another valuable coin. Coinexchange is the only exchange where you can stake at correct blockchain. smh

  8. Ilia Skibinsky
    Ilia Skibinsky says:

    B3 cannot go lower you say? Well, it is at 144 Market Cap right now :)) Probably the shittiest coin I have seen after Stronghands…I did invest very small amounts in both of them hoping that maybe I will catch the pump at some point.
    Other than that, as far as I am concerned this money is gone. If people are looking for fast gain Paccoin style (pure luck),
    I think there are way more chances to see some amazing gains by investing in a promising ICO, then trying to find the cheapest dumbest coin and hoping that for some unexplained reason it will pump like 150X. I am learning this first hand.

  9. A Bowl Of Ramen
    A Bowl Of Ramen says:

    Jeff the community needs to know that CoinMarketCap has Eboost (ebst)'s circulating and total supply listed incorrectly. Plus they have recently locked up 30 million coins until the end of the year. Please make an update video or follow up of some sort. Also, the value in EBST is that they have so much room to grow. The esports (competitive gaming) industry is huge and growing, EBST has a low market cap, the team is working hard to get on more exchanges, land deals, an airdrop at the end of the month and not to mention that EBST is already being actively used by tens of thousands of gamers.


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