$100 AltCoin Investment Challenge | Round 1

This is the first installment of a new concept series called $100 Alt Coin Investment Challenge. If you guys show interest in this we will do these as a monthly challenge, and may even include prizes on later challenges.

For now the first challenge is to comment below how you would invest $100 in hypothetical money in the AltCoin market, and plan to hold those coins until January 31, 2018. You are not allowed to trade the coins in this challenge at any time, as per the rules.

Be sure to comment what you think of these types of challenges so that we know if you guys are interested.


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  1. USBitcoinServices.Com
    USBitcoinServices.Com says:

    Hi Atcoin Buzz I like your videos! Not sure about investing in other coins that are not privacy coins, these days I am focused on searching and studying privacy coins like Monero, Dash, DeepOnion. Would you suggest investing in this type of coins? if so which one and why? I think you should make videos about privacy coins because more and more people are buying these coins and making a lot of profit from it! your channel may become more popular if you focus on this coins!

  2. Bin Peng0211
    Bin Peng0211 says:

    $50 ADA (no more XRP), $50 Deeponion (no more Verge). By my opinion, Ada has more potentials than XRP. And privacy coins will be very popular in 2018, but the verge is currently overvalued, so I would like to choose a undervalued one like Deeponion and there is also an airdrop program for Deeponion which will double my investment for free. It's could be nice to have a review of those undervalued privacy coin here.

  3. Sam Smith
    Sam Smith says:

    My $50 would go to DeepOnion and $50 into Shift. After Verge success, I believe privacy coins will give good returns in 2018. DeepOnion has an active roadmap, low marketcap among all and a huge community.
    Shift just released Phantom and after the marketing starts, it should spike higher.

  4. MrHous26
    MrHous26 says:

    Cool idea! I'm going to participate with my picks in January: 1) Oyster Pearl, 2) DeepOnion, 3) Solaris, 4) AppCoins, 5) ALTCOM. Oystear Pearl because their testnet is coming out this month and they expanded their team exponentially. DeepOnion because its my privacy pick for 2018 due to its integration with the tor network and upcoming DeepSend (mixing), VoteCentral and smart contracts. It's a sleeper powerhouse. Solaris because its a fast growing privacy coin like ZEC but with masternodes. AppCoins is a gamble because it just came out but looks like it will pump. ALTCOM is another sleeper with its tiny market cap, upcoming masternodes, rebranding and upcoming Sonohub platform for gaming. I would put $20 into each and see where it goes on Jan. 31.

  5. Oscar
    Oscar says:

    Interesting idea, i'm tempted to do my own 100$ challenge on the side 🙂
    When choosing the coins, I will follow two trends that I think will catch on in 2018:
    1. Cheaper coins (Under 10$) with a smaller total supply (Under 200 million)
    2. Privacy oriented coins.

    With that in mind, i go would split it 50$ to RaiBlocks and 50$ to DeepOnion.
    I've chosen RaiBlocks because it has good hype, great technology (DAG is implemented for speed), low price and a relatively low circulating supply. DeepOnion is chosen because of its DeepSend feature (implemented using Zero knowledge, Coin Join and Ring signatures technology) along with a relatively low price and a very low total supply.
    Good luck with your picks!

  6. Buff Boots
    Buff Boots says:

    Have you looked at DeepOnion? I love Onion for a lot of reasons including the privacy over the TOR network and the extras innovations such as DeepVault, storing file hashes on the blockchain and DeepSend (which is coming soon) which makes transactions even more anonymous than Monero. All those make Onion a crypto currency that will become a top 50 crypto sooner than most people think.

  7. Mattias Jaya d'Ambrosio
    Mattias Jaya d'Ambrosio says:

    Hi AB, here is my 3 picks, as you said in the video I've preferred small marketcap coin (under 100 million $), really would love your opinion about that, anyway I'll post their performance after one month as you said in the recap video:
    – Bitcore (20 $) an improved version of bitcoin with 5% weekly airdrop, SegWit, 2,5 min blocktime, price is around 20 $/BTX
    – TaaS (30 $) a tokenized close-end fund with quarter's shares on the 1st of February. It´s around 6 $/TaaS
    – DeepOnion (50 $) privacy coin with PoW/PoS for mining, TorNetwork like Shield you mentioned, weekly airdrop. This one I'm seriously considering holding in long term view, but let's joke for one month right now :), price is 6,75 $/ONION
    Hence I've bought 1 BTX, 6 TaaS and 7,5 ONION, see ya next month

  8. SEELE-01
    SEELE-01 says:

    100$ into DeepOnion! Why privacy Coin? Because privacy coins are in an uptrend and will dominate 2018 for sure. Why Onion? Whitepaper was released a couple of days ago and its upcoming features will surely surpass other privacy coins easily. Just read it! Or just invest in penny coins/tokens like tron and xby.

  9. Neil Wyatt
    Neil Wyatt says:

    Nice idea for a video, looking forward to seeing the results at the end of the month! There are several coins which i would put 100 into. I like privacy coins a lot and lately a lot have been pumping but since 100 is not so much i am kind of limited as to which ones i can go for. Obviously i would look at ones with lower market caps and maybe less well known but with strong potential. I think i would choose coins like DeepOnion and Stealth coin for privacy coins. They are quite unknown in comparison to others but both have great potential to give money back on just 100 purchase.

  10. alicepao13
    alicepao13 says:

    I would invest $100 on DeepOnion. This coin has been growing steadily over the past few months. I had Onions when the price was $2 and now they're worth $6 – $7 each. As DeepOnion is only at the start of its journey, I believe we will see it climbing higher in the future. Investing now would be a really good choice as I think that even in next month the price will already be higher if the last few months are any indication so it will cost more to invest in it.

  11. Upstate Jason
    Upstate Jason says:

    $100 into Reddcoin. Off a high, flat lined and stable at $.010127. Ready for another run. Puts me at ~9874 coins for round number ($99.99). Making it easy, and going all in on RDD with my 100.

  12. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    02. Jan 18
    Token Price Amount Total
    Pure $4,798 5 $23,988
    Ethos $4,310 3 $12,930
    SEND $0,478 20 $9,560
    SUB $1,120 25 $28,000
    QSP $0,492 25 $12,300
    UTK $0,500 26 $13,000

  13. Diox Helper
    Diox Helper says:

    This challendges videos of yours are fun and educative. Let me put my bet: I would Put 100$ on Quantstamp – disruption in blockchain security audit  2.Request Network: Paypal 2.0 – OMG competitor. 3. Onion – 100% anonymous crypto with unique fuatures beeing developed like Deepvault, Deepsend, Deepbank, biggest community hands down. – will outshine in 2018 and will be Monero competitor as I see it

  14. Keeping Up
    Keeping Up says:

    based on the previous year i invested mostly in 2 coins and been holding majority of it until now.
    they are ethereum and deeponion.
    i do believe in the potential of this 2 coins in the future.
    for me both are great project and still undergoing more improvements.
    but since deeponion is cheaper i have and will invest most with it.
    maybe around 70%-30% favoring deeponion.

  15. TheRedlineMovement
    TheRedlineMovement says:

    This is easy (and I've already done it). I'd spend the $100 on Minex Coin and do the monthly parking option for 19.5% interest! If they get listed on more exchanges this month, that's icing on the cake

  16. Jean Valjean
    Jean Valjean says:

    Nice idea and concept! I would invest $100 into a privacy coins as they are the future with upcoming regulation and taxation. My choice would be DeepOnion with low marketcap, the scope for progress is still great!

  17. Jeff Ski
    Jeff Ski says:

    Hey Steve thanks for this very fun and exciting challenge. Not only you are teaching us to realize the power of HODL, you are also helping us to profit more. I got top 3 on my list, by the way are we going to get extra reward from you if ever we gain x10 to our altcoin choices? haha just kidding.

    My first in the list is BLUE – it's an ERC20 token actually based on ethereum blockchain, very young but has a very interesting project. They are like a CIA or FBI on cryptocurrency, wherein they are revealing the secrets and other flaws of certain coins/tokens and even exchanges like EtherDelta and eth open-souce wallet, MEW. Its $0.44 right now and I will give my $40 on this token 🙂

    My second choice is DeepOnion – this privacy coin is one of my successful investment on 2017, I actually made x8 profit already on this coin. I bought some of it when its only $1 but now its price is already playing at $7-$8. This is also one of the new comers but with lots of potential. Very beautiful website, graphic designs, and they even have their own professional DeepOnion Music Video, it's a rap song and so entertaining. I've been following this crypto and there will be more great projects coming soon on Q1 of 2018. I will spend $40 again for this coin 🙂

    My last one is Siacoin – I'm sure it's not new to us. It a platform for decentralized cloud storage. I think that it is still one of the most undervalued crypto. But this year, I strongly believe that it will boom massively. I am always checking their updates on bitcointalk thread and forum, they have great projects development and also upcoming fork this January, there may be a little pump before it happen. Its price now is $0.29, I will invest the remaining $20 for SC 🙂

  18. Tafirsmen Maasteln
    Tafirsmen Maasteln says:

    Privacy coins for me, all the way. All the crazy things about to happen this year in crypto regulation are going to bring the entire space to focus on those that have a focus on what block chain is really about – privacy and anonymity, while bringing new technology to the table.

    I think I'd like to do more than $100, but going on the challenge that you set in place, Monero, XVG, and DeepOnion are my choices. DeepOnion is close to your choice of VTC, but I think it has much more to offer. I get the purpose of this series, but I wish that you would bring up a little about what the coin does. It would make holding it for a year much easier, just my two cents. Thanks!

  19. Crypto Kiddie
    Crypto Kiddie says:

    Hey Steve, thanks for the video and a nice challenge. $100 is a nice amount to work with, just enough but not too much. For me I thought long and hard and have to go with mostly privacy coins. I would put $15 into NEO and hope it gets a breakthrough – thus pump. $55 into DeepOnion based on its 10x return over last 3 months. The remaining $30 into OMG and hope it too has a breakthrough with the Thai government. I guess the NEO and DeepOnion will bring the best rewards over the given time period. Excited to see what others say.


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