💥BULLS ARE BACK!??💥 My Top 5 Micro-Cap Cryptos to BUY & HODL Today! 🚀

BULLS ARE BACK!?? My Top 5 Micro Cap Cryptos to BUY & HODL Today! #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #bullmarket

I am not a financial adviser. Don’t buy, sell or hold based on the content of my videos, no matter how awesome they are. Always do your own research and buy/sell/hold based on your own decisions.

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29 replies
  1. Jörg Fuchs
    Jörg Fuchs says:

    Hey Suppo. Always liked you. Not sure about your icon call. Tbh can't feel so much progress here. You might want to check aergo – a project installed by blocko which is the nr 1 regarding real deployments in southkorea

  2. The Nerd Robert
    The Nerd Robert says:

    ICON not funding company by selling ICX coin. ICONLOOP company highly funded by Giant KOREAN institutions. price movements mostly caused by Exchange Bots. When non traders keep ICX coin inside Exchange The Bots dumping and pumping market with this coins, filling chart with bull and bear traps for small fishes. just look past 3 months of ICX. you will see alot of these, when bull run confirmed you will see 10x 20x price spikes because of Exchange bots will be out of ICX and there is nobody left to dump it anymore


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