ETH Prediction and the Future of ICOs (Plus INXT & XRP) – Today's Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about ethereum and recent price predictions. He also discusses the future of ICOs as well as gives you a quick update on the latest ripple and internxt news. This is a daily segment!
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Is ETH a Good Investment?

Crypto ‘baller’ Brian Kelly: “Ethereum a better investment than Bitcoin”

Crypto Bull Thomas Lee Says Ethereum Is Poised for a Big Rally

Austria to Use Ethereum Public Blockchain to Issue $1.35 Bln in Government Bonds

Bundesanleihen-Auktion: Österreich setzt auf Ethereum-Blockchain

The ICO market is not collapsing. It’s maturing.

Internxt Update

The beta is out now. Try the beta of X Cloud and X Core

XRP ‘Will Hit the $1.00 Mark Before the End of 2018’

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23 replies
    EVENT HORIZON88 says:

    great content!! Thanks! keep it coming! Bitcoin is in a descending triangle pattern…i see and upside breakout for the following reasons: mid-October to December are traditionally the strongest in the time frame!! *much blood in the streets and *public loss of interest (actually a great reason to enter now) and * i see some aspects of trading to manipulate a break to the upside…institutionl money will be the "new" money coming in via ETF, BAKKT, etc., and obviously ICO will boost ETH price and popular institutional p2p and B2B coins such as RIPPLE and Stellar

  2. Juan Antonio Albaladejo Martinez
    Juan Antonio Albaladejo Martinez says:

    Hi Buzz! I am from Spain, have been following your and all the great Xrp and Crypto channels for months and each day I am more into Xrp and this amazing community, I am trying very hard to get all my friends and family to join us but it's not very known here yet, for this reason I am giving them some Xrp, if anyone can help me with a few Xpr I would really appreciate it, I believe in this project, everybody in this community is so excited about it that it's making it a amazing experience for me, thanks to you for informing us and make us believe every day. Thanks to all 😉
    For any donations Xrp Adress:
    XRP Deposit Tag:

  3. daniel fry
    daniel fry says:

    Is it really bad to put all your money into one coin. I feel like everything will blow up but xrp will be the biggest gainer, so why but your money into anything eles?

  4. Martin Long
    Martin Long says:

    ETH not dropping out of top ten this year or next year. In, fact may even see some tasty gains. However with other projects nipping on its heels and projects without scaling issues. Well you do the math. Think ADA, TRX, ZIL in six more months.


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