Daily Update (6/8/18) | "Just beware" says Jamie Dimon

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VanEck Interview: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/06/07/vaneck-bitcoin-etf.html
Jamie Dimon: https://www.coindesk.com/just-beware-jamie-dimon-will-say-bitcoin/
Putin’s Comments: https://cointelegraph.com/news/russian-president-vladimir-putin-publicly-addresses-crypto-says-practically-nothing
Argentina: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/07/argentina-signs-financing-agreement-with-international-monetary-fund.html


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34 replies
  1. Waynos M
    Waynos M says:

    PEOPLE! re traditional markets, IMF and banking cartels that control the world…
    Check this out:
    Such an important topic that everyone needs to understand NOW as it directly affects the future of crypto in that it's in "their" best interest and on their agendas to control the crypto space also (think government issued cryptos/FedCoins, etc ) as decentralised systems and distributed ledger tech is the one true threat to their existence and plans. I urge you all to start education yourselves and helping others about the truth of global banking elite, central banks (that are all private banks BTW) and the governments they control all with wicked agendas relating to the New World Order and enslaving us all! This is not a conspiricy theory, this is really happening… if you are willing to dig a little you'll be shocked by what you find.
    Also BEWARE of buying into crypto product and services offered by all the new players coming into crypto from the financial/banking sector or backed by them. We have to make a stance together and awareness is key.

  2. Dr. Andy D
    Dr. Andy D says:

    With unrest and downfall on the financial canvas in Argentina; it would be an opportunity to have "crypto" stuff promoted and practiced more aggressively on a local front in Argentina. Who knows they may come up with some national crypto token just like Venezuela in coming years…

  3. Beastkinginbball
    Beastkinginbball says:

    Yes please keep talking about traditional markets I think its a great addition to a lot of great content you already provide! It really helps show how the crypto markets could one day and I believe will be the best market not just financially but in everyday lives

  4. RC
    RC says:

    Nick, documentary by John Pilger, that you suggested is very dangerous thinking – it promotes socialism just like Michael Moore. More goverment "action" is not the answer. True answer is in freedom. Just like Bitcoin gives uncensored decentralized acces to "banking" to every citizen of this planet. Labor in Indonezia is so cheap because only few privileged can acces this. If you, me and everyone else could access and use it, we would very quickly bid up the price. That is how free/open markets work. That is the purpose of the market – set price.
    No one is forced to work in these factories. Most people gave up their previos job in agriculture where they get paid even less and are working the same long shifts but under pouring rain, wind, snow etc. Working in "swetshop'" factory for most people is a step up. I am not minimizing – conditions are terrible. But you always have to ask – compered to what? Compared to previous job it is better. No one "craves" entry level job but is better than previous/nothing.
    If factories would move away – it would not benefit those people. It is not like there was some pink unicorn paradise before and they disrupted it. It was a mess since forever. Factories, industralization provides hope. Industry needs infrastucture – raods, electricity, internet etc. It was not there before. Most of it will not be used only by factories, some of it will "spill" over to average joe. And if there is internet and eletricity, that means you can use 10 dollar smarthpone to acces youtube, to learn make stuff, sell stuff, use stuff like Bitcoin. If you can not afford it on your own, you can join forces with other people and use it together. Or you turn it into bussiness itself and rent it out per hour.
    Please, do not let them sell you socialism and please stop promoting it. It makes you look foolish. Previously you have said that one of your go to people if you need knowledge is Stefan Molyneux. He has couple of words to say on this topic aswell – he has reviewed Micheal Moore's documetary "Capitalism: A Love Story". I think that it would be very useful for you to watch that review

    I did watch the movie that you recomended…
    Have a great day and big thanks for otherwise very useful daily updates on crypto! =)

  5. Maria S
    Maria S says:

    wall street is corrupting cryptos it is all turning to shit since futures that started in dec 17 wall street and entire government is corrupt! regular people don't want anything to do with crypto. Wall Street has killed sentiment for 6 months!! You are nieve and obviously not awake.

  6. Kev Mc
    Kev Mc says:

    Another great video. However I do not think ETFs will help anything crypto except manipulate it. As you mentioned in the video, like GLD did to gold – it totally suppressed the price of gold and silver – for YEARS. I believe they will do the same to Bitcoin. It will be just another way to manipulate crypto to keep all the money in the banks and stock market which is where they live. Unfortunately.

  7. Joel D. Bornäu
    Joel D. Bornäu says:

    I really appreciate your TA in the daily updates. Please continue with your analysis of global markets and fiat currencies; It's phenomenal. It's hard to find reliable sources on topics of geopolitics and issues related to the IMF. You're quickly developing as a voice of reason in a market of confusion and ulterior motives. Keep up the good work!


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