Daily Update (3/2/2018) | Banks take stance on crypto markets

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44 replies
  1. Prince2286
    Prince2286 says:

    Govt has no choice but to artificially inflate fedcoin far past the market cap of bitcoin. When they do this they can then swallow up the remaining bitcoin, or pretty close to it. By doing this they can induce demand for fedcoin over bitcoin long term. And they can likely win over the majority of skeptics who have yet to adopt any cryptocurrency at all, and that is a TON of demand, way more than what presently exists. For fedcoin to become successful a hostile action like I just described is just about the only way to achieve that end.

  2. Tony Tringale
    Tony Tringale says:

    Nick, thanks for the quality research and valued opinions. I think central banks will issue coins that try to look like decentralized coins. I doubt they'll truly adopt decentralization, but they'll also do their best to regulate. They're good at covering all the bases until one path emerges as the winner.

  3. One/Crypto/Revolutionary
    One/Crypto/Revolutionary says:

    Good one. Thanks Nick
    Central banks will try to dominate the crypto market and eliminate the open-source crypto Market. And if the masses are stupid enough to fall for that they deserve the autocracy that will follow

  4. silvad314
    silvad314 says:

    They’re gonna create centralized digital currencies of their own, yes, but enough people are aware of how the whole premise was to detatch from centralization, that btc and other decentralized ones will still thrive. The centralized ones won’t steal much thunder. Just my opinion.

  5. Night Hawkz
    Night Hawkz says:

    Interesting Video, I'm fairly optimistic at least on parts of the Market, for example the Privacy sector I feel has a lot going for it over the coming years. I have been looking at lower cap privacy coins such as DeepOnion that you mentioned in yesterdays video. It runs on the latest TOR network and allows even users in China to access the wallet, send, receive and stake which is a great bonus. Also Its roadmap looks good for the next 5 months, after which it will swap to a community driven update program. Would you be able to do a video on them and other small privacy coins if you get a chance at somepoint?

  6. Chuckylove A
    Chuckylove A says:

    Hey Nic, glad your back! Been long time subscriber.. Studying and learning crypto as much as i can. Just hope you can explain something, very confusing to me. How do these people in 3rd world countries or whatever country, having no banks, poor financial shape, controlling govern. or whatever case might be, how do they use crypto or cash it in for their local fiat ? Sure everyone has a smartphone, my point being , if someone sent me some BTC, DASH , MONERO or any crypto, what good is it? I had to have a bank account, give all my personal info, just to get on an exchange to EVEN get involved with crypto…EX.: so here I am sitting in some country where economy is bad, government is corrupt or controlling, things are tough financially, no bank account,, etc… And Uncle Johnnie sends me 1 BTC ( uncle johnnie is wealthy) to my smart phone,,GREAT !
    then what ??? Really seems like a stupid question,, but??

  7. Ali Flem
    Ali Flem says:

    Yea i watch the bank of England boss man Carney, give a casual interview on the uk news in a cafe, about how slow it is to pay for a coffee with bitcoin, the price can fluctuate so much by the time the transaction goes through the bitcoin price could of gone up or down, He said.
    I thought it was embarrassing at how openly he was trying to deceive the uk public, i'm no expert but the new segwit, has that not made transactions faster?
    And is there not faster crypto's that they fail to mention that are faster?

  8. Tiddy Lomax
    Tiddy Lomax says:

    Hey Nick. What do you think of the SelfKey project (selfkey.org) in regars to the future of crypto and all upcoming regulations, and required KYC for exchanges and ICO's. Thnx for all your vid's man! Much appreciated!

  9. Tom mcGrath
    Tom mcGrath says:

    How do you factor autonomous gun mounted drones into the people powered decentralised crypto movement? I personally feel that this is the trump card of the elite. Autonomous killer robots are the only thing that can beat an organised populous, unless we find a backdoor…

  10. MrFatilo
    MrFatilo says:


    Be smart invest in NANO! It will be THE future cryptocurrency and beats all other competitors!
    It is the FASTEST most SECURE and SCALABLE technology developed in the crypto space!

    Yes i know all you buttcoin fans are going to hate but the truth hurts, your system doesn't work, it has shown how it sucks over the years and WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!

  11. Blockbird Cryptocurrency
    Blockbird Cryptocurrency says:

    One angle that I'm particularly worried about is the Russia angle: Russians fund counter intelligence operations with cryptocurrenies, therefore, we, the banks, have to release a national currency that can't be tampered by "The Russians."

  12. Yaro
    Yaro says:

    Central bank crypto-currency = re-branding of the failing US dollar system. Desperately clinging to the old world and missing the point of crypto-currency

  13. Mike B
    Mike B says:

    No way I would support a centralized government wannabe crypto. It defeats the purpose of having cryptocurrency in the first place! I don't want those greedy fks to have any control of my money.

  14. Hotsiam
    Hotsiam says:

    if the financial system crashes one more time, due to rising interest rates and quantitative tightening, I vote that this twat, along with all his cronies, goes to jail.

  15. Arthur Mcgonnell
    Arthur Mcgonnell says:

    Who watches the Watchmen& who Regulates the Regulators…it's a block chain eating itself! Cheers Nick..lovin the Venn diagrams …Fed coin at the centre actually means Flat Earth Disco! X

  16. Nikken11
    Nikken11 says:

    Your analysis of the market, and for certain coins more specificly speaking are pretty good. However, i'm having a hard time establishing trust in most of the high Mcap coins. You're talking about support levels for most of the coins but at the same time, in the crypto market im having a hard time trusting these support points. Basically due to the fact that it's such an unstable market, and i still believe that most of them are overrated. What i'm saying is that most of the coins don't hold a sigificant real value, merely a potential. So i feel that most of the coins except for the top 20 are just pure future contendors to the #20 top coins. Where most of them most likely wont even be adapted by the general population. So how do you justify the value of most of the coins you're talking about?

  17. Billy Birdy
    Billy Birdy says:

    The issue with public cryptocurrencies is that none are truly immutable. And when something does go wrong there is no truly democratic process to resolve it, e.g. Eth and Etc. They're not truly centralised because each coin has a person or persons who have much more power than the rest of the community. Take for example Vitalik or Lee and their ability to influence the governance of Eth and LTC respectively.


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