Crypto Happy Hour – Market Selling Off? Hanging with @DonnyCrypto

Let’s recap the day’s craziness with 2nd time guest, the one and only @DonnyCrypto. Grab a brew, water, coffee, whiskey and let’s relax and shoot the ish talking about Bitcoin, altcoins and all of your other Q&A.

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Hey, it’s 5pm somewhere in the crypto world right?

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30 replies
  1. marksb82
    marksb82 says:

    This Donnie Crypto knows his stuff about as good as anyone I've heard in the crypto space. Keep having him on, and he should come by on Saturday. I'll shoot him a message on Telegram now.

  2. Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee says:

    I like how they went on saying that BTC is in great shape with fees. Don't they realize that the problem didn't go away, it's that the volume is at 2016 levels, hence the fees are so low. Now imagine we have another December, the fees would go back up to $30+ easily. Now don't get me started with the Lightning network, people don't realize it promotes the centralization of Bitcoin as a whole and that you can't receive Bitcoin from it if it's a fresh address. I understand that they have a lot of skin in the game, but it's disingenuous to say look Bitcoin is in great shape. When it is far far from.

  3. Mick Southerland
    Mick Southerland says:

    I love the comments at 19:10 about people doing technical analysis who don't know anything. EG, Supoman yesterday; watching him try to explain Bollinger bands was painful. "And that's how you do it." Like Bollinger bands is the SUPER SECRET formula.

  4. Khan A
    Khan A says:

    people watch your shows to get info , so its not LCC costumer service, i think if yourself cant , them link them or guide them to some videos from other crypto youtubers

  5. Rj wije
    Rj wije says:

    Great show Bobby…hope you do more of these we get more usable insites from the pros that know the space and coins worth following to profit upon…..well done.

  6. Devan Cowan
    Devan Cowan says:

    I have a fair amount of Bitcoin but as the ALTs lower I plan to exchange some of that to Ether. What do you guys think is a good price point to get in at? I'm thinking sub 800 or 750

  7. Richard Snowden
    Richard Snowden says:

    Alt coins are on sale for now. They will be a big plus once BTC levels out over 15-20k. BTC may double, but XRP, and many others will go up x4,x8,x10… (see MORE news on xrp with UAE… this coin should be shooting up…)


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