Crypto Happy Hour – $8,000 Bitcoin, Coinbase Custody = Big Money, November 16th Edition

Support the stream: Let’s talk about today’s crypto action, Bitcoin’s move to $8,000 and Coinbase Custody, which will allow BIG investors to get more into the crypto space. Grab a beer whiskey, water or coffee and let’s chill and have a good time talking crypto!

Hey, it’s 5pm somewhere in the crypto world right?

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27 replies
  1. Bobby zwa
    Bobby zwa says:

    I hate coinbase all these fees and everything drags really slowly please give some advice on something that is much better but i when my debit card didn't go thru said it is bank told the transaction was going to the UK or engalnd so this company in ENGLAND NOT OUT OF THE USA… I thought crypo currency was about open market not fees for the people i try to open GDAX bs

  2. dr Anonymous
    dr Anonymous says:

    Hey man. I bought 140 LSK for around 820$. Then I sold it for a 50$ earning. It was like 5-6 days ago so I thought price wont go up that much so I could trade a bit and earn more Lisks. Unfortunately price jumped a lot .. At the worst possible moment 10.50$ I was so mad and bought 85 LSK for my money. So literally I just lost 55 LSK. Anyway my new plan is to sell lisk after meetup in Berlin (will probably jump) and then buy again after price is a little bit lower. Id also invest more money into LSK that time. What do you think about it?

  3. Brandi Marie
    Brandi Marie says:

    Great videos keep it up. On another note, Ive had a ledger S for a while now and Ive noticed that you recommend them to your subscribers so I assume you use one. Im just you save your bitcoins to Segwit or Legacy chain and does it even matter. So much drama with bitcoin it seems every week another fork or rumors of a fork I just want to know which chain is the safest to send my assets for long term holding on my Ledger.

  4. Joe Bobby
    Joe Bobby says:

    Dude you should check out and review. Coin tracking info. It tracks your profits, every trade, Gains , losses and you can import the information from the majority of exchanges. Track your taxes as well.

  5. Неред
    Неред says:

    Good stream, keep it up!
    But what is your opinion on vertcoin and on actually mining such coins?
    Hi from Russia by the way, there is a lot of those who's watching your videos 🙂


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