Telegram ICO Review For Decentralized Messenger Application

Many people already use Telegram, making this ICO, already popular among the cryptocurrency world. In this video Ricky, goes through some of the talking points on this ICO. Everyone give Ricky a warm welcome to the channel. – Jeff


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    OLD VIET says:

    The #TokenGo project is one of the best! The success of the project is connected with such components: the Great Team, an excellent product, a great idea, a powerful start and active work of the community. We need products and ideas! I am sure that the company TokenGo will take the leading place in this world in the future! I advise you to take part in the ICO!

  2. Bryan Ng
    Bryan Ng says:

    Hi guys, can you please review nauticus blockchain as they getting 25,000 registered users in few days and i have signed up with them and their visions are excellent and i am loving them.!!

  3. kords1
    kords1 says:

    For all those saying this is a scam. Pavel Durov never said their ICO was a scam.
    What he does say is that there are many imitations out there to be aware of which are scams.

  4. Jeffery Stone
    Jeffery Stone says:

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