How to Use a Crypto Exchange? Can Qryptos Compare with Binance?

In this video, we go through how to use an exchange and basics of getting into cryptocurrency trading. We also look at Qryptos and if this exchange compares with Bianance.

“I am not a professional advisor. Do your own research. Crypto is a fast moving volatile market, so if you choose to invest, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. Do your own research before investing.” – Mark

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  1. Murray Flewelling
    Murray Flewelling says:

    Murray Flewelling
    – Did anyone have problems with live orders not cancelling/ and funds missing "In orders" category on Qryptos site May 24 ,25th ? I have vids showing orders remaining "live" after you can see me cancelling them, then at the same time there's no funds under in orders and when I started I had enough available to buy 4000 drg and after the buy orders were finally cancelled I did not have enough to buy 1000. If anyone else experienced this please email me at or call/text #1-506-447-8169. I am in Canada

  2. Marko Jovanic
    Marko Jovanic says:

    Wow,thanks man, my knowledge about cryptos is bigger and bigger. Today, I read it about swiss based team called Contract Vault, they offer a really smart and legal contract and have solid tech. I would like to hear more about that part, maybe some video about that guys. Thank you!

  3. TheFujac
    TheFujac says:

    regarding the ICO marketplace on qryptos i will just like to add that once your KYC is completed and account verified then you can take part in all ICOs without having to pass KYC again…. KYC can be a long process if you dont follow the guidelines for uploading documents, which it seems many, many people don't, but if you do it correctly your application will be approved automatically, if not then it's manual and can take several weeks……just like any other exchange…

  4. montreal furnished suites
    montreal furnished suites says:

    I like your style easy to follow, especially for us newbies…. But you missed important or annoying feature on Qryptos is the limit amount to buy certain crypto currency…. For example if you want to buy small amount of Qash your order will be rejected! It looks like there's a minimum amount to buy for each crypto for order to go through!!? Can you please explain this !?

  5. Raju Giri
    Raju Giri says:

    The Binance Mobile app is flawless. Try trading on the Qryptos mobile app. It’s terrible to impossible. Not everybody is sitting in front of a laptop whole day. And when you see your coins move quickly and you want a quick trade, best of luck with qryptos.

  6. Algolxxxxxx
    Algolxxxxxx says:

    I've used both exchanges…
    Qryptos is sluggish, laggy and feels like it is about 3 years behind in tech compared to Binance. Getting crypto into Qryptos is a lot easier than taking crypto out. KYC and 2FA is required before Qryptos allows withdrawals. I only did withdrawal once at Qryptos and it was 'pending' for 8 hours. Qryptos is actually a good exchange though, but I'm sorry, Binance is currently lightyears ahead in every department.


    Dont miss out. Please look into DTRC Datarius on Bancor. 100% gains daily this week. Still going. You dont have to review but look at it for personal investment. I am subscribed and like all your videos.

  8. J BAGS
    J BAGS says:

    The answer is no. Until you have actually used this exchange (qyrptos), only then can you conduct a proper review. If you haven't actually traded on it, i would suggest not to comment on it. Its shit!

  9. borg386
    borg386 says:

    I can’t stand any exchanges!!! I have money to invest but they they take TOO long to make your funds available for use.
    And you have to buy bitcoin in order to buy alt coins…
    No wonder the market is crashing!


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