Porsche Blockchain, City of Berkley ICO, Blockchain cures poverty?

Good Morning Crypto! Today we are discussing Porsche Blockchain, City of Berekley ICO, Blockchain cures poverty? Grab the coffee!!






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21 replies
  1. nukestrom
    nukestrom says:

    My only worry is that too much energy consumption causes a havoc in all our attempts to curb climate change issue. I'd rather invest in non minable coins in the future.

  2. Stock Fadi
    Stock Fadi says:

    Ivan. . I started mining a new coin by accident really. But I started doing some research about it . . I'm not trying to FOMO this up. . But it's got a very limited supply. . It's a POW POS and Masternode coin. So you can litteraly mine for it, stick it in your wallet and stake it . . Check it out will you? It's called Ignition Coin . .

  3. Patrick Veldkamp
    Patrick Veldkamp says:

    Hi Ivan, are you familiar with USI TECH? This company is launching their own coin, it's called TECHCOIN. Do you have any info on this particular coin, what's really going on this cryptocompany?

  4. hez bollah
    hez bollah says:

    1. My mouse clicks, does yours smash?
    2. It is Bcash, it is offensive to use the name Bitcoin in vain. (Btrash is also acceptable)
    3. Roger "Rage-Quit" Ver is a Judas and a thief

  5. Fabian G
    Fabian G says:

    Dear Ivan!
    Thx for your daily update and summaries of recent news! You are creating an adorable and competent input for folks who cannot invest hours of research on crypto everyday!
    However, it might be worth it if you would less focus on BTC! We know that a significant amount of altcoins out there does not have a future. But honestly, there is also a huge body of projects with much more potential than BTC!!! And people should IMO be more frequently informed about that! 🙂 Keep on going, your doing a great job!
    Best F

  6. Lady Wisdom Speaks! Academy
    Lady Wisdom Speaks! Academy says:

    Homelessness is a huge problem in the urban cities of the US. I hope that Berkeley can come up with a way to provide housing to the most vulnerable children and youth. Homelessness, effecting children and youth is one of my passions. In Boston, we have over 5,000 children experiencing homelessness and the numbers are growing. So if this can solve some of the problems around homelessness, then I hope cities will follow Berkeley, CA example. Take some vitamin C and keep eating citrus fruits for your cough. We need you to be healthy so that you can give us the News out of Stockholm, Sweden!

  7. TheCatoLee
    TheCatoLee says:

    In norway we hav roadtax. Blockchain can implement fair price if the CARs sensors tells how many km I travel on different roads, if it state or national. And also connect with my insurance company. I bet im using more of the road than a farmer, who mostly is at home. Why sholud we pay the same? I vote for iota!


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