Common Crypto Investing "Strategies" for Altcoins and Why People Love The Simplicity of Them

Investing in cryptocurrencies isn’t easy when it comes to doing proper research. So often times, people latch on to simplistic strategies or reasoning behind why they put loads of money into a crypto. Let’s talk about some of the most common reasons people fall in love investing into a specific crypto asset and why it’s important for you to understand these reasons.

Reasons and buzzwords people throw money into a cryptoasset

1. The “next” and “better” Bitcoin, Ethereum or top 10 coin
– More transactions per second, a new type of blockchain, cheaper/no fees, etc
– The Ethereum of XYZ country

2. Privacy, privacy, privacy

3. Partnerships with large existing companies (Microsoft, IBM, Disney, EEA, etc)

4. A decentralized competing version of an existing company/application

5. 2nd-3rd time crypto founders

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them in the comments as well!

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  1. crypto talk
    crypto talk says:

    i was feeling the same thing which you said….so really thanks for the confirmation and giving the knowledge of your research….also watch my channel to know more about coins…

  2. Al Al
    Al Al says:

    WARNING! SegWit2x is NOT Bitcoin, SegWit2x uses x11 algorithm the same as Dash, Bitcoin uses SHA-256. SegWit2x can not be mined on SHA-256 Bitcoin Miners!

  3. 5280ryan
    5280ryan says:

    One thing to look out for…..Monero has 15M coins out right now…Verge has 14B coins out… even though Verge looks way cheaper than monero…there are 1000 times as many coins and their market caps aren't too far apart.  (not the way their price per coin is).   I think some coins have higher numbers so they look cheap to suck people into buying them?   I'm not saying Monero or Verge is good / bad / or one is better than the other…..I'm just saying newbies (which includes me) have to look at more than coin price!?

  4. Sid
    Sid says:

    So just wondering what happens to crypto if the United States gets in a skirmish or all out war with nuclear armed n Korea Does money flood into bitcoin as a storage of wealth. Or do people leave cryptos all together into usds? Or other

  5. Jack Burton
    Jack Burton says:

    You are right..the privacy feature is a very valuable feature of a the moment the are so many rumours out there about privacy coins being the most promising coins for the upcoming year…i see lots of opportunities…for instance Verge, Hush, DeepOnion, NAVcoin, Pivx…I personally like POS coins and Pivx and DeepOnion have an interesting POS system….it would be nice if you could make a video about those coins…

  6. Daniel Kriz
    Daniel Kriz says:

    Thanks Bobby, love the videos man. Has the new tax bill affected how you're going to approach crypto investing this upcoming year? Would love to see a video about that.

  7. andrew french
    andrew french says:

    agree with other comments about privacy coins. these type of coins will come to the top of crypto investors top picks next year.als othe fact that some of the more established coinswill bring less return due to the fact they are already a high price. so my strategy will be to pick out some of the newer ones that are going to give all the layers of security already available plus some other layers too, like TOR intergration as in Deeponion and verge.

  8. VokAin
    VokAin says:

    Hey Bobby, definitely agree with the privacy being a buzz word and for the right reasons. What do you think about older coins like Dash/Monero vs upcoming coins like Verge/DeepOnion? I've been buying some of the upcoming ones as I think they have much more potential to grow for me as a investor. I also like the fact that Verge and also DeepOnion are on Tor network. Would live to hear you view. Keep it up!

  9. René Jeronimus
    René Jeronimus says:

    To add one to your list: The power of YouTubers (like yourself) reviewing a coin or telling their audience that they jumped into this. People can be lazy and "trust" experts with lots of followers.

  10. ConsciousInteractive
    ConsciousInteractive says:

    If you cant roughly read a white paper, stop investing and go back to school. This is paradigm shifting technology, not a stock for Cereal. Just stick to the top 4 cryptos if you cant read a white paper for an altcoin its your money. Put your money into something you genuinely believe in. Its literally a revolution your investing in.

  11. Wesley Koning
    Wesley Koning says:

    you should check out etherdelta i bought some exrn kin and erc20 dirt cheap they can bassicly only go up.
    btc: 1Jb8m8qx8ngicyBoKFDnu3Wtj737JYb5nf
    ltc: LWnc7SkDAB1riWnmxibMTE2GYQqqXsFvRs
    eth: 0xfCC58fb3cf9b227dEe5eB99d3014BFfCA39567E1

  12. SebastianAsian
    SebastianAsian says:

    Just Sell when it's at Peak instead of Hodling. Sold all Verge few days ago. (people are crazy about it all over youtube right?) It has been stagnant for few days. What if you used that money on coin that went up? It will eventually go up but I'd rather put money on coins that rises. it's about Opportunity cost.

  13. blperoc
    blperoc says:

    I'm brand new to this, but privacy seems like a good thing that would attract people which is why I keep coming back to monero, but I wonder if privacy could also cause a government to want to ban a cryptocurrency.

  14. uBreakIt iRepairIt
    uBreakIt iRepairIt says:

    If the idea is to only invest what you can afford to loose, I don't see why soo many people make such a big deal about loosing money when the market goes down. From the looks of things, these coins are only going up and up and up. I am personally staying away from BTC, LTC & ETH because of the high price. Wish I would of gotten into those sooner. I got a friend of mine into LTC when it was right around $100 and they made a good profit when LTC shot up to $3xx.xx. I was unfortunately able to jump into LTC at the time because of verification issues. My friend plans to hold on to those LTC coins till 2018.

    There are plenty of AltCoins under or right around $1 that will eventually go up in price. So I look at it like this, I'm going to buy a bunch of AltCoins that are under or around $1 and hold onto them till the end of 2018 or maybe longer. If they blow up, they blow up, if they don't, they don't. It's money I was willing to loose anyways. And if just one of those coin blows up to the level BTC has, then it's a win win right…?

    The 4 coins I've invested in is Ripple, Cardano, Tron, Verge & IOTA is next. My previous considerations were LiteCoin (before it shot up), Neo & Lisk.

    I'm new to Crypto, but I research it damn nearly everyday to gather more and more information about it.


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