The DashCast | Will Bitcoin Hold Key Support?

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40 replies
  1. Huu Toan Nguyen
    Huu Toan Nguyen says:

    I mean, crypto is the future and I know many people are doing hard work to help crypto being used more popularly in the world. So I have faith in Bitcoin, also many altcoins such as DeepOnion or Neo, etc. The bull will come to us again.

  2. veti
    veti says:

    Can you please increase your volume? I usually listen to you outside on headphones and it's practically inaudible. Easier to adjust volume down than up for listeners.

  3. davis agughalam
    davis agughalam says:

    i feel crypto markets is at its worst right now since i joined the crypto space. Bitcoin prices going incredibly low. i sure know there will be a resurgence but the question is when?. i'm taking this time to diversify my portfolio by buying worthy Altcoins with sound projects. I'm especially interested in privacy coins like deeponion. Maybe you could take a look at their charts. the current price is nowhere near where it should be.

  4. Off thecuff
    Off thecuff says:

    It really has been a crazy couple of days. I think bitcoin has hit the bottom and it's up from here. I've bought in some good alts today, mainly privacy coins DeepOnion,Pivx and zcash bit also picked up some cheap Neo as well.

  5. Jo L
    Jo L says:

    Nick…how come you will not discuss over the counter trading? I've never even heard it come out of your mouth. And you know this greatly affects the market.

  6. J
    J says:

    Thank for this great content Nicholas. We all know you like to cover topics such as ETF and institutional investors. I am convinced it is worthwhile to cover Coinbase index fund in one of your videos. What do you think?

  7. Crypto Learning
    Crypto Learning says:

    To your point about having so many people joining in the middle of the day sums up everything about this market. Too many people with an intent to making big money quickly itself is bad for btc. We need all these losers to just get out of the market and have savvy investors come in. Can’t believe so many people with no day jobs sitting in and listening to this stream. Wow!

  8. bumbaclat
    bumbaclat says:

    Hey Nick thanks for the good content. A lot of your analysis and predictions come off an ETF prediction. Can you tlak about the other side of the coin where there is potentially no ETF this year. THANKS

  9. 8YaD5
    8YaD5 says:

    all this talk about 20 K this year…let's face the truth: 6 more months of downward trend and then 12 months accumulation. Like in the last bubble pop.

  10. alicepao13
    alicepao13 says:

    It's funny how much people panic about the market. What happened to "only invest what you can afford to lose"? Why did so many people invest money they needed? Or worse, some people even got loans to invest into crypto. I'm not saying I don't believe that the market will rise again in the future, quite the opposite actually. These days I've found quality coins in ridiculous prices, I've found PIVX under $3, DeepOnion under $1, even Zcash is 50% down from last month only. I'm just wondering why people make investments expecting short-term profits that would make them instantly rich. That's not how it works.

  11. David Czajkowski
    David Czajkowski says:

    At this point I think we went low so quick that it shakes the triple bottom theory out of everyone’s head…but now that everyone is thinking bearish, we’ll bounce at 6k and hit the resistance line on the now thought descending triangle…small fish will be selling, but we’re finally going to bounce through.( shit it was a triple bottom after all) One thing I learned about crypto…when ur ready to hang it up, sell, and question all your research. Make a deposit. Turn off the computer, and come back in a week to see all the $$ you made.


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