New Coinbase Listings? + PETRO, VisionX and Goldman Sachs – Today's Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about Coinbase and their future plans to list more cryptocurrencies. He also gives you the latest crom Goldman Sachs and the Venezuelan crypto, Petro. This is a daily segment!
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Coinbase Promises to List Hundreds of Cryptocurrencies

Coinbase Tweet

Coinbase raises Series E round of financing to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies

Prominent Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Says Great Things About Cryptocurrencies

Benedict Evans Twitter

$194 Million was Moved Using Bitcoin With $0.1 Fee, True Potential of Crypto

Controversial Petro Begins Trading Nov 5

Petro Whitepaper

Special Report: In Venezuela, new cryptocurrency is nowhere to be found



VisionX Whitepaper

Goldman Sachs Begins Trading Their Bitcoin Product

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43 replies
  1. rublaj
    rublaj says:

    Petro is a scam. Besides is support to the venezuelan goverment who is killing its people . I am Brazilian, I know. We receive refugees from venezuela in a daily basis.

  2. charles alen
    charles alen says:

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  3. James Allan
    James Allan says:

    BUZZ & all your followers, what do you think of initative Q? They are dishing out free altcoins to all early adopters and as far as I can see, apart from them having a small piece of my personal data it is risk free as no payment details are needed ever. All opinions from you BUZZ & your followers are most welcome, please have a read and share your opinion and feel free to use my link for free coins but really I’m more interested in your opinions as you guys know about this. Please have a look, all the best,

  4. Nat Mist
    Nat Mist says:

    🔥MOLECULE (MOL): .000280
    DAG/DPOS: Feeless Micropayments/Tokenization, Smart Contracts, MVM (Virtual Machine)
    Better than NANO/IOTA?!?!?
    MOL is built upon the data structure of block- lattice, decoupling the block and transaction, there is no block to be packed just to be freed from the shackle.
    Decentralized Economy of Mobile

  5. THE R J
    THE R J says:

    Electroneum (ETN), can be a GAME CHANGER, for COINBASE! If they don't see that, SAD! BINANCE, will just continue to DOMINATE, LOL. COINBASE, to gain ground, have to list coins, that Binance, don't have. To list coins that binance already have, don't mean nothing. ETN, can be the game changer, PERIOD!

  6. CryptoFor Growth
    CryptoFor Growth says:

    Xrp should be the next coin listed. If coinbase is about making money and bridging the gap on cryto acceptance they need to add Xrp. They are truly behind the ball regarding Xrp and have lost lots and lots of money for continuing to pass it up. Soon ripple will have so many liquid providers and bank support they will not need coinbase.

  7. animeswitch
    animeswitch says:

    i would not trust petro, they can just print as much as they want. Those scum just want to make some quick bucks, they should just use a fast crypto like digibyte and electroneum.


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